Six Months

We are now six months into what is turning into a fantastic 2015 (fingers crossed, touching wood and horseshoes and all that). I’ll give you a bullet pointed run down of why this year is so nice so far:

– We have had a family holiday.

Yes, it was Great Yarmouth and yes it was only four nights, but we had family time together as a foursome. Madeleine’s first holiday and she loved it. Sophie can’t stop chattering about it and despite the fact the sea caught her and made her wellies wet, she keeps asking to go and build more sand castles.

– Madeleine no longer keeps me awake for days on end.

Self explanatory, cheers and champagne all round for this one!

– We have a collective four weekends away happening before the end of the year.

My niece made her first Holy Communion in May, we are soon to be heading to Amy nephews christening when that’s booked, I have a hen do in August and we are visiting Middlesbrough in October.

– Nursery.

Sophie is thriving at nursery. She is doing so well there and with her being toilet trained day and night already life is so much simpler. Nursery gives me valuable one on one time with Madeleine as well as has brought Sophie and I closer together because we aren’t 24/7 in each other’s company. Which to be honest, sounds awful, but being human and all I like to hear about my daughters time away and I love her running at me excitedly to tell me of her adventures as a Beautiful Butterfly (the name of her room lol)

– Me.

I started this year with a goal of “me”. Self indulgent and selfish as that is, I’ve given my body and brain to other people since getting pregnant with Sophie. I’ve either been working, studying or pushing out a baby from 2011-2014 so I decided to take 2015 for me. Shamefully, I began my year weighing a hefty 16stone 12, or 236lbs. Reading that back, all I can think is YIKES. After the smear test before Christmas, I was essentially frightened into doing something about my health. We’ve all had those resolutions before haven’t we, lose weight yada yada. For me? It wasn’t a choice. I had allowed myself to become morbidly obese and stupidly unhealthy. I was on the road to healthy back in 2013 but life got in the way and I slipped up majorly.

I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t just lose weight. I vowed that I would be more patient, more aware of my surroundings and get out of the house. I didn’t ever want to go out. Combine the new baby and the toddler and the general embarrassment of myself in public, and you had a classic hermit situation. I think I’ve actually shocked myself if I’m honest. I didn’t expect to want to stick with it and do well. I took up the 5:2 way of life, please google this if you don’t know what it is, and I surrounded myself with supportive people and those I could moan and groan to when I needed it.

As it stands, I wanted to lose 6stone 12 to get me to 149lbs (10st) and I gave myself 2015 to do it in. I’m currently writing a diary blog aside from this which is yet unpublished with photos and progress and meals etc but I will not publish that until o reach that goal. Today, I weigh 3stone 7 less than I did. I’ve taken half a year to lose half what I wanted to lose. And I am fucking proud of myself. I am no longer classed as morbidly obese, I am now “overweight”. That in itself is a huge achievement for me. I haven’t been such a small weight for almost seven years. Since I was 20 years old. How lazy and how selfish of me to treat my body that way!? I see the fact I only now have 47lb to lose, and I am chasing that finish line.

Once I do, I will link my diary blog complete with horrifying start photos and progress photos and I will shout and brag from the rooftops. I have binned my fat clothes as I’ve lost weight purely so I have no excuse. I am accountable for every action and I log everything on Instagram and myfitnesspal for that reason.

So. This year is pretty great. There are some other things I want to say but I can’t just yet, I can’t jinx things that are ahead for us.

It’s about time we had some happiness ahead. And thank you so much to those of you who are cheering us on – you know who you are and how much I love you.

Until next time x x


Jillian McKeith is an Exercise Demon

So Husband and I decided that starting the 30 Day Shred would be a freaking fantastic idea.

I put on half a stone after Sophie was born out of naivety that I could continue eating like a pig with no consequences. Anyway, I have now after 7 days lost that pesky half stone and Husband has toned up a lot. Then dratted Aunty Flo came to visit so we decided to stop for a few days til she left. We still exercised mind you, I walked 10 miles on Monday and a further 6-7 on Wednesday. With a pram. And the resistance of wind. It’s hard, trust me.

We are going to restart it up tomorrow but I’m sure Jillian is trying to kill me! Holy shitballs this is a hard, intensive work out that makes

Haha! So true!

me want to pull my tits off. No not really I would never do that, but I did almost knock myself out with the damn things while jumping around the living room like a loony!

Anyway, I’m hoping to lose a fair few stone so that I can fit into a gorgeous dress I saw (and that Bestie almost bought!) for Sophie’s Christening.


Here’s hoping it works! 30 day shred, we recommence tomorrow. Do your worst you psychotic cow!