The Great Debate…Part Deux

Apparently not!
Apparently not!


Earlier in my lovely blog here I wrote about the big debate between booby feeding and bottle feeding. Something I have come to notice lately are TV adverts about this issue.

Do you ever wonder why you don’t see adverts about infant first milk? Only ever follow on milk? The World Health Organization has done intensive investigation into the advertising practices of formula companies, the health risks of the use of breast milk substitutes, the associations between advertising practices and breastfeeding rates across a multitude of cultures, and the impact of advertising on consumption and cultural beliefs. After several years of research analyses and committees and publications, they produced the

International Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes.

Yep you read that correctly. It sounds like a covert mission doesn’t it? Here are some of the things that the ICOBMS says:

There should be no advertising or other form of promotion to the general public

of products within the scope of this Code.

So – they actually are not allowed to advertise infant formula.


Manufacturers and distributors should not distribute to pregnant women or

mothers or infants and young children any gifts of articles or utensils which may

promote the use of breast-milk substitutes or bottle-feeding.

This basically tells us formula is wrong and breast should be the only milk

The World Health organization recommends that an infant be fed its mothers own breastmilk from the breast. If that is not possible, expressed breast milk from that infant’s mother is the next choice. After that, breast milk from a wet nurse or donor milk. After that, banked, pasturized breast milk. Finally, if all of the above options are not possible, a breast milk substitute (such as infant formula) is recommended. Wow – Cow and Gate is apparently the very last option for  choice.

I also heard another line this week by that idiot I spoke about earlier. She says “If you don’t choose to breastfeed, don’t open your legs”. Ridiculous! Some people believe teenagers shouldn’t open their legs either but no one was judging her…another topic this one!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has banned the advertising of infant formula but allows follow on formula to be advertised as it’s post breastfeeding or when you choose to move on from it. The original guidelines were written down in 1981 and get reviewed every year as research change but it still stands that we don’t see anything advertised for first milk for babies. I have never ever seen a formula tub that states formula is the best option – which is correct – breastmilk is the best option of course but it is important to realise it is not the only option out there and I really don’t think that the WHO should be stopping the advertising of formula.

People are not stupid. TV does not dictate to us what we should or shouldn’t do and if it does that for you go and get yourself checked over. Fast.

I don’t go out and buy a Moben kitchen just because it pops up on the screen. Nor do I go and buy Freederm….because I don’t need it. Mothers who see formula on the telly will buy it if they need it not because TV says so


Jeez I wish people would stop treating us like morons and allow us to think for ourselves. This banning of adverts is pathetic!



In Love…With TV

I confess. I love my husband very much. I love my daughter very much. I love my whole family.

But I have another love…TV. And not just any TV. Two particular shows…Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural.

Grey’s Anatomy… medicine and hot doctors. Supernatural…demons and hot demon hunters. Where can you go wrong with either of these two shows?? Grey’s Anatomy has so much medical jargon it has actually taught me the steps of an appendectomy. And


seriously…seriously…SERIOUSLY hot men. Only Grey’s Anatomy fans reading this will understand the ‘seriously’ reference but hey. This show made me seriously consider being a doctor, even though watching Casualty has taught me there is a serious lack of yummy doctors in the NHS. I also didn’t want to be in school for a billion years but that’s not the point here. The point is how effing good is this show!? It is amazeballs. It’s teaching me, really…not just a case of hot-doctoritis but hellooooo yummies!

Also, Supernatural. Lots of action, lots of occult info, lots of fighting and scary stuff…and another two delicious men. It is actually ridiculous. Where do they make these men?? I mean, I do already have a husband who these men don’t compare to – he is ridiculously hot himself and I’m very lucky in that sense… but NOM NOM NOM