Aha the new phrase! Sophie crawled around at top speed today yelling ‘uh-oh’ at the top of her voice. Sophie is now 14.5m old, still not walking1392028_10151724503427153_1104887259_n but cruises holding onto walls very confidently. She also walks holding one of my hands now. I think she’s just lazy. She started commando crawling when she was 7 months but didn’t do it properly til almost 9m old. Every chance that she will be walking before Christmas!

She’s a complete little nutter. Sophie spends all day babbling and yelling, playing hide and seek behind the living room curtains and singing the end of ‘raa-raa’ to the CBeebies cartoon…the one about the lion. Her hair is getting long to the point I now need to add a clip in to keep her fringe away from her 1379481_10151756284617153_1578069128_neyes, which makes her look so much older than she is!

Currently Sophie is sleeping from 6pm-6am with most nights not having any wake ups at all (yay for SLEEP!). Some nights, especially during wonder weeks and teething, she has a 4am wake up which just requires a bit of milk before she rolls back over for another two hours or so, which is lovely. I have to say I do not miss broken newborn nights, even if I do miss having a little sausagey newborn!

She has really got into her eating, and is a piggy with her meals. We’ve had to do some switching around of her diet though and she has been on a sachet of Movicol a day as her stools had been rock hard and making her scream when she goes. The doctors won’t listen when we say there could be a tear, so we’re trying it their way before we demand something being done.

Sophie laughs SO hard at a new cartoon called Bernard that her Daddy found on the internet. She spent an hour giggling at a polar bear falling down which is ridiculously cute if a bit weird! Sophie LOVES to organise. When she is eating, she piles her food around her high chair tray and eats it in individual bits and does the same with her toys. She is obsessed with her dollies and is still majorly attached to her doggy blanket. She is also extremely smart. We have a Super Mario soft toy and a Minnie Mouse soft toy, and if you ask her to get them she crawls to her toy box and roots around until she finds it. Super cute and super intelligent!

Every day I feel so lucky to have this cheeky little creature to call mine. She is willingly giving kisses and can confidently climb onto the couch for a cuddle. Sophie recently learned how to get down as well without face planting the floor, which is a small blessing for my heart! She’s not without her difficulties, though, and can be fairly demanding when it comes to knowing what she wants (eg; reaching for things with a big frustrated yell if she cannot have them, wanting to get out of the high chair halfway through dinner). However, I don’t have that from her, neither does Husband. If she yells in anger when she doesn’t get what she wants, we sternly tell her no and why and she stops. 1234638_10151745584882153_794495585_nWhen she screeches to get out of the high chair, we ignore her. I have had to tell Husband not to look at her after the initial ‘eat up please’ because the second she stops getting the attention, the tears magically dry up and she’s perfectly happy! Manipulation of Daddy in it’s finest form!

When Sophie was 6 months old and started to pull to stand against the TV unit, she used to cry her eyes out from being told ‘no’ and pulled away. Now, if she pulls up to the TV, which is now very rare, we ask her ‘sit on your bottom please’ and she crouches down and says ‘Kay’ without argument, which makes me so proud that we’ve taught her to understand right and wrong in that sense. Sophie also listens when we say ‘show mummy/daddy’ whatever she is holding, be it a toy or a penny, she hands it over without a fight.

I am probably verrrrry naive that this will last. I know so many mothers who are going to read all this and say ‘just you wait…’. But bring it the fuck on! We had my monster mother in law constantly say ‘oooh just you wait until she’s on the move….ooo just you wait she will be into everything…oooh just you wait she will rebel against you’. Yep, she is into everything, she is on the move creating chaos and giggling her head off as she does it.

I LOVE IT! We LOVE hearing her cheeky ‘aya-dada’ when she peeps round corners looking for Daddy. We LOVE hearing her yell ‘uh-uh-OHHHH’ when she upturns her toy box then crawls away screaming in delight. We LOVE hearing the little pants and coos as she climbs at high speed up the stairs without supervision, and we have to run after her only to hear her laugh at the chase. I love every single challenge as she grows up. And shoot me down when she’s a teenager and all scary and ‘finding herself’ and I regret saying all this, but until then, I LOVE IT! Sophie is growing into such a charming cheeky little girl, I am bloody proud of every mess she makes.

We made her from scratch





Sophie and Sophie

I bought Sophie the Giraffe for my Sophie and it arrived today! I didn’t buy it because celebrities have them, but because my baby girl is teething quite badly right now and I saw it in Mothercare! We also got an amber teething anklet for her so it’ll be fun to see if that works as well.

She has been such a good girl lately with her teething. Bikkipegs are another thing we bought for her and she’s doing so well and not getting too upset which has been nice to see!


She’s Teething…We’re ALL Crying!

Ah, Parenthood. There are so many things about this joyous amazing eternally fucking awesome frustratingly lovely period in life that are wonderful. The smiles in the morning when your sleepified baby has just woken up and realised you are in the room. The giggles all because you spun in a gentle circle yelling WHEEEEEEEE. The sheer amazement of your baby resting their hand on yours while they sit contentedly in your lap.


There are pitfalls. Landmines. Total-fucking-apocalyptic-meltdowns. And do you know what? NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS WHILE YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!

They say unhelpful things like:

1. Ohhh get your sleep now (during 3rd trimester) as you won’t sleep when the baby arrives!

Do you know what? I didn’t sleep AT ALL in 3rd trimester. With the peeing and the restless legs and the insomnia and the summertime night heat and heartburn. Oh God the heartburn!

2. Rub whiskey on a teething babies’ gums, works a treat

Yeah, in 1950. If I wouldn’t give my baby juice at 5 months why would I dose her with whiskey??

And my all time favourite…


Anyway, as I was saying. Sophie is teething. She has 4 little white blobs on her bottom gums that are so white and ready to pop, as well as two white blobs on her top gums. I had a beautifully behaved baby who was quite independent – happy to play on Daddy, Mummy or on her own on her playmat gumming the hell out of her crackly butterflies!

So true!
So true!

Since she begun teething, Sophie has decided if she’s not on her playmat, then only Mummy will do. Highly impractical even if lovely. Sometimes I don’t like how much she wants me – sure she is my daughter and I love being her Mama and I love knowing I can soothe her…but I have to tell you…crying I can handle. Sobbing I can deal with. Incessant, annoying, ongoing and never ending WHINGING??? No. I have no patience. Lately my daughters’ anthem is a resounding ‘ennhhh nnnhhh ennnhhh ennnhhh’ over…and over…and over…and over.

It honest to God grates on the nerves. I can handle crying because Sophie only cries when there’s a problem. But the pain in my darlings teeth is so annoying to her she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She doesn’t know whether to sleep, eat, poop sit, lie, laugh, cry (I’ve had moments where she will cry while smiling haha!)

Luckily for us, a swift dose of Calpol, Bonjela and a warm bottle tend to help her. If she’s crying because of tooth ache, we’re crying because our nerves are shot to shit listening to it. Obviously it’s not her fault. She is a baby and can’t just articulate the pain and where it’s coming from and what she needs for it. And I’m not a bad mother for complaining about the fact that hearing my daughter so uncomfy and I can’t do anything about it. I actually got told the following:

You knew what you were getting into when you got pregnant. You should be grateful you even have her at all.

Well for anyone who wants to say that to me again, this is for you:

Take a running jump. Seriously – long walk off a high cliff. No first time mother truly knows what they’re getting into when they have a baby. You can be told about the wakeful nights and the clinginess and the terrors of teething. But it’s like telling someone what it’s like to have a million quid. You think you know what you would do with it until you have it. You think it will be the most amazing and easy experience to have a million quid, and it is, but it’s tough to be responsible for that amount of money. You see where I’m going with this? Teething babies are upset babies. They are sad, sleepy and grouchy for it and it’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Husband and I have bitten each others heads off in sheer exhaustion when Sophie cannot sleep no matter what we do. Rare for us, yes, but it happens.

Sophie is hard work. But I wouldn’t change a damn thing about her no matter how much I complain about it.

I smile because she’s my daughter, I laugh because there’s nothing she can do about it!

Jabbity Jab – In More Ways Than One!

Sophie was jabbed for her 12 weekers today. Oh God the yelling! She had the 2nd round of 5 in 1 and the 1st round of meningitis c. Poor little bub – I had to wake her as well. SO she was a cranky, clingy little monkey all afternoon.

She is 16 weeks today so should have been having her 3rd round of jabs, but the 12 week appointment we originally had ended up getting moved til today. I had to go on my own as Husband wasn’t about today, and I was very brave – I didn’t cry! Lollipop for me please!

I think it hurt my heart to hear her cry and see her little tears on her face than her actually feeling the needle in my opinion. That’s not to say she wasn’t in pain…of course…but she’s still too young for that damn lollipop!

I got her home and she was sleeping and hungry but very fussy – I couldn’t blame her. I hate needles. Every time I picked her up she clung on just in case I would let go. Spent a lot of time making babbly noises today. I’m sure she was telling us how much her legs hurt form the jabs – the crying in the nurses room alone was very much OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU BITCCCCCH!! Even the lovely nurse (Sarah!) said that babies sound like they are swearing in how angry their cries are.

Anyway, monkey is now asleep. The living room is strewn with toys and babygrows she dribbled all over and I must clean….nahhhh I’ll wait til tomorrow 😀

Oh Teething, I Hate You

Had a bit of  a crap one last night. Usually I do the bed time routine and Husband helps a lot. Sophie decided that sleeping all day long would probably be a better option than playtime. So we were there at 6pm, Husband was giving her the usual warm 7oz. Then she was passed to me for PJs and teething gel. I took her into the bedroom and rocked until my little stinky looked a bit like this:


All excellent. A sleeping baby and a happy Husband as he could settle down and play boy games on the iPhone. I gently took the hot water bottle from the cot (we use this to warm the sheets, therefore making baby think she is still being held – mwahaha!) I gently put her down. She fusses for a second before snoring.

My arse had JUST hit the couch when the monitor crackled with what sounded like ‘booogarrrr’. Seems my wiley child was not giving up that easily. No matter. I went back in, patted and shushed, stuck the magic dummy back into her gob and off to sleep she went.

This time, I had gotten comfy before ‘eeeeeoooooooo’ and a loud thump as she banged her feet on the mattress. No matter. I went back in, patted and shushed, stuck the magic dummy in her gob and off to sleep she went.

I offered Husband the put down instead, which he grabbed because it meant no 6am feeding. I also have a 9am uni start this morning so I could wake up early. The monitor squawked at us. This time, we applied teething gel. Our little monster is teething away at the moment and the only thing that usually helps after feed/burp/nappy/rocking is gel.


My daughter realises the difference when it’s Daddy putting her to bed. Because instead of being sound asleep by 8.30pm which is the norm for my Sophie, she decided that pretend sleep and playtime were on the agenda! It was 12.53am before finally giving in to a full sleep. With a very knackered Daddy who was slightly annoyed that the boy games were being left unplayed with, and I was rather peeved that I only caught the tail end of what had promised to be a good Eastenders episode.


Oh baby teeth, please hurry up and pop through the gums so we can finally get back to what we love to do best: SLEEP!

Introducing Miss Sophie Amelia…Dummy Sucker Extraordinaire!

Sophie is my darling, beautiful daughter and we were blessed with her arrival on Monday 6th August 2012 at 12.58am. This is her now!

My beautiful monkey

Let me begin this blog by saying that I sometimes make mistakes. No parent, especially Mums, like to admit this. The pressure to be the perfect parent can sometimes be overwhelming and I am very proud to admit when I make a mistake…because I learn from it. There is no such thing as a perfect parent or perfect child, only perfect intentions.

I do not do the following:

Co-sleep – Sophie has a beautiful cot

Babywear – Sophie uses a SilverCross 3D

Breastfeed – Sophie enjoys Chateau le Cow & Gate 2012

Cloth nappy – Disposable Little Angels range from Asda

Elimination Communication – I don’t trust that Sophie won’t pee on my couch!

Home school – Haven’t encountered school…yet!

The fact I don’t do any of these doesn’t make me or anyone else a bad mother and yet I do get quite harshly judged because I don’t practice some of the above techniques. So, I’m blogging now about Sophie and her life because I want people to be proud when they use bottles not boobies, cots not beds and prams not carriers. There is nothing wrong with any parenting style as long as the baby is warm, fed and happy!

Anyway, now that is over with, back to Sophie. As you can see from the photo, Sophie is a beautiful baby.

She was born with a shock of dark hair and the biggest, brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. Sophie is our little rainbow baby following two early losses the same year. She has a mellow personality and loves cuddles almost as much as she loves her blue horsey rattle. I am a huge fan of the Asda Little Angels range and we use as much of their products as possible.

Sophie’s Favourites

Blue horsey rattle

Daddy singing nursery rhymes

Being bounced from a great height – she’s already an adrenaline junkie!

Warm bottles

Being rocked to sleep with her dummy

Warm baths

Her rocking chair

Sitting up

She is now 15 weeks old, and just starting to teeth *joy*. Calgel is a Godsend, as is Calpol and Gripe Water. Sophie sleeps from 8pm – 6am when she has a combination of the above and a warm bottle. We are so proud of her for this

I will continue to post photos, debates on different subjects in parenting and updates on Sophie’s development