Not-So-Desperate Housewife

Today has been entertaining!! It started with me going to aqua fit (as I do most days now) and Husband and Sophie came with me. When my class was done, the pool was then opened to the public, so he got Sophie ready and met me in the kids’ pool. All started out lovely! Sophie has developed what I can only call ‘humping’ the water so she basically moves her body like a mermaid and gets very excited to splash.


It went a bit wrong within about fifteen minutes, because she decided to lick the water and coughed too hard afterward. My darling little cutie vomited her porridge all over me…while we were still in the water!!! Mortified is probably a mild word to use. Luckily for us, only three other people were in the kids’ pool at the time so the lifeguards fished out the floating sick (ew) and I took Sophie to the showers. I had baby sick INSIDE my costume; it was disgusting!

After that, we took a walk up to Asda to pick up stuffing for dinner and have some lunch. Sophie was knackered by this point and fell asleep on her Daddy on the way home. Getting home I hopped into housewife mode, hence the name of this blog. As I work and study full time, the housework (aside from cooking) is usually down to Husband during the day. The weekends are mine though, and I love it!!!  I swept, used floor wipes on the floors, cleaned the oven and fridge, moved things around in my kitchen to make more 431797_10151462137617153_1312352894_nspace, did a food shop on Friday and have run three loads of washing today. I currently have a chicken roasting in the oven and potatoes, stuffing and cabbage waiting to go on. 

Sophie ate all her dinner and spent the day either playing or sitting happily and quietly on her Daddy. She mastered lying on her back to sitting upright today, of course causing me to have a mini heart attack. I really hate when she topples and bangs her head. I know, I KNOW all kids bang their heads (Mum, you’re laughing at me, stop it) but this one is MY baby and she has this amazing bottom lip wobble that hurts to see when she cries!

Anyway, Sophie vomited for a second time while she was eating so after stripping her off and washing her high chair out, I decided messy play would be a good idea! After all, she was about to have a bath anyway so it wouldn’t matter. I sat Sophie in the high chair (cleaned, not the pukey one) in her pink vest and I poured water onto the high chair tray. I know that sounds really simple, but she absolutely loved it! She sat screeching and splashing for a good half hour until I added some food colouring to the water for her to have a pink splash. I really have to thank my friend Amy, for the idea of splash play with colours as you’ll see if you click her name she does creative baths for her little girl.945464_10151462092177153_1738169611_n

My home is clean and tidy and Sophie is fast asleep already (6.30pm!). Poor little mite has had a bit of a cold again and is in her brand new ‘grown up’ pyjamas for the first time. I had to roll the legs and arms back a few times as I bought 12-18 months, but it doesn’t matter, they’ll last her a nice long time now!

I love the days where I get to be really lazy around the home and just make everything look nice and tidy. If I’d had things in I would have made some cheesecake for Husband. What can I say, I love my two squishes!!!

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Just Keep Swimming

This Sunday I will be heading to my very first aqua fit class at the local sports centre. The 30 day shred, whilst effective, is havoc on my crappy hips. Swimming is low impact on joint but has a high impact on muscle toning, which makes my hips cheer!!

Anyway, turns out the local pool has classes for swim fit on every day of the week. I’m going to go every day besides Tuesday and Saturdays as those are night classes and let’s face it, with everything else, I wouldn’t go!!!

Very short post, but wish me luck that my legs dont give out in the pool and I drown trying to exercise!