Would YOU Work Full Time & Unpaid?

Well, Husband does.

  • He does not get a salary for his job.
  • He works over 60 hours a week.
  • He doesn’t get full bathroom breaks.
  • He needs patience and creativity.
  • He doesn’t get any breaks that are longer than 10 minutes at a time.
  • He doesn’t get a lunch hour.
  • He doesn’t get statutory holidays.
  • Not even Christmas.
  • He doesn’t have a HR department and his boss is the most demanding female boss you will ever come across.
  • If her needs are not attended to every minute of the day, he gets it in the ear.
  • She makes him bring her meals to him.
  • She never leaves the workplace.

My wonderful, supportive, giant bear of a Husband is a stay at home Dad (SAHD). 

There is a lot of stigma surrounding the role of a SAHD and I find it so wrong. I am in the very fortunate position that my job is a work from home job and in the next room from Sophie. So unlike most working mothers, I get to steal 10-15 mins here and there throughout the day to be with my daughter. The best thing is if she starts a total meltdown, I can help. We support each other. We are equal.

Husband works his arse off from doing the wake up shift to when I finish my day. I always do dinner, then I feed Sophie, play for an hour and then put her down for bed. We then have our evening together. We talk about how busy his day was.

He cleans the house, he fixes me drinks and lunch just to have an excuse to pop in and ask how my day is going. He gets out of the house for walks every day if he can just so he can give me some peace. Husband is doing a job I am very jealous that he gets to do. I wish I could be with Sophie all day long but I can’t. His job market is so niche and at the moment he has been turned away from something as simple as working in a shop for being ‘overqualified’. We decided together that I could work from home, as I could get work immediately (and I did!) and I earn a little more.

He is doing a fantastic, amazing job at raising our baby girl where I have to work. I thank him every single day because being a parent isn’t a paid position. You get your bonus in smiles. You get your salary in dribbly kisses and dirty nappies. Sophie has a bond with her Daddy that even I am in awe of. Her little face lights up and her hands always grab his cheeks (seriously it’s so cute).

We do what works for us. Anyone who decides he isn’t ‘MAN ENOUGH’ to raise a child, can fuck right off. He is doing a hard, demanding and admirable job that technically never ever stops.


Working Mama

Back to work! 8 months since I last did any work of any sort, but a lovely recruitment company called me not long before Christmas and offered me a job as a freelance recruitment consultant so I could work…from home!

The original plan was for Hubbers to work and I shall be the typical 1950’s stay at home housewife-mum-PTA-whore, but we instead are being thoroughly modern and Hubbers will be the one at home and I will be the one working. From the comfort of our bedroom. So my days will typically form of me rolling out of my bed, into the bathroom then back into the bedroom to work.

I like this plan. And money making.awesomeness

I don’t like being away from Sophie. It’s weird – it feels odd I can hear her yelling her head off in the other room and jabbering away to herself but I can’t pick her up and cuddle her whenever I like. I fear I may have to take one of her baby grows into the office/bedroom and sniff it whenever I miss her too much. Like a drug!

I miss her. I miss seeing her tiny face light up every five minutes – and it’s only been day ONE!!!


SCREW YOU for thinking that!!! I want the best for my family, even if you disagree you hating cow. <– Person knows who they are, I do not need to divulge their idiocy.


But hey, I’ll be the one paying off the stuff and buying a house while Hubbers is a stay at home Dad. Luckily for me, my job is 9-5, his is 24/7, definitely not easy.


Anyone who thinks he has it easy clearly isn’t a parent!