Bath Time with Daddy!

Right – it is bathtime. So I thought I would tell you all our bedtime routine with Sophie!

7pm– Warm lavender bath with Daddy. Mummy does the washing, Daddy holds the slippery critter


7.30pm – PJs, teething gel, Calpol and nasal spray (Sophie has a cold!)

8pm – Read a book to a dummy sucking baby 

8.30pm – Put down asleep in the cot after half hour of rocking and soothing, dummy intact

Sophie sleeps in a short sleeve vest, a long sleeve sleepsuit, 1.5tog sleeping bag and a pair of socks over her hands. My daughter has this habit of rubbing and smacking her own face. I believe this is my fault as I stroke her hair when she is tired, so she sometimes tries to soothe herself by stroking her own head. Cute. As. A. Button

We put Karvol decongestant into her cot to help the snot she has going at the moment and if she’s out of it we don’t put on her Winnie the Pooh lullaby machine.

Bam – sleeping happy baby, happy parents!



DaddySaurus…The World’s Cutest Dinosaur

When most people think of the words ‘men’ and ‘babies’ in the same sentence, it is unfortunately met with derision from most of the female population. I say unfortunately because my husband actually happens to be head over heels in love with his baby girl. When Sophie had night feeds, he did them with me. Right now we have a brilliant schedule:

7pm bathtime with Daddy (yep, he gets in with her while I wash her)

7.30pm warm bottle and PJs with Mummy

8pm down sleeping in the cot

He also does feeds, plays with her, does nappies (yes, even the shitty ones). Right now, he has her laid down on the couch and is pretending to be a dinosaur saying RAAARRRR at her while she kicks and smiles at him. This is going to be one MAJOR Daddy’s girl. Husband always wanted a daughter first, and he got his wish.

I wonder if he was conferring with his swimmers?