Losing Time!

Time, as I have mentioned in many posts now, goes by bloody quickly. I am so busy these days that I just don’t have the time to update this as well as I could be – shamefully enough!

The renewal of the domain has prompted me to update you all on life as we have it now! First, Sophie news 🙂

Sophie is almost 18 months (eek!) is running, has over 30 words in her vocabulary and is beginning to string a few together. Her favourite game is ‘go up the stairs and hold hands to come down again’ over and over. And over. Her eyes have now settled a beautiful 1012398_10151950526537153_160833413_ngreen colour and she is Minnie Mouse obsessed. She understands and can say ‘baby’ and ‘sister’ and she is getting the idea that the baby is in my tummy. Sophie has had a long standing issue with her poops, so we basically demanded that the GP refer us to the paediatrician at the Conquest. We had an appointment with a brilliant doctor who took us seriously for a change. After blood and urine tests, she has rather high blood sugar but not enough to call it diabetes. She is also ridiculously constipated, but we had no idea  how that was possible given her fluid levels and food she was eating. Anyway, we agreed to try her on 1535735_10151936753587153_1811197449_nprescribed Senna nightly, though we halved the dose as 5ml seemed excessive!

We also are keeping up the Movicol daily. We’ve gone from one-two very large, dry hard stools per day that made her scream and bleed, to two-three very soft stools that she passes without any issue! Major breakthrough for us, as now she’s eating properly again and can tell us when she’s going.

No really, she points and says ‘poo’ every time haha!

Sophie is growing up so wonderfully and I really have to say, as fun as babies are, toddlers are WAY more fun. Sophie is so chatty and affectionate and I love her face as she learns new things every day.

In other news, I am already 11 weeks pregnant (where the hell did that go?!) and quite surprised we’ve made it this far without any issues (touch wood). As you all know, we had a scan at 5+6 and all was healthy, and we booked a private 8 week one just to make sure. With Sophie I threw up every single day and that was about it! With this baby I feel like I’ve done nothing but sleep, the girls ache (you know what I mean?!) and I cry. A LOT! I have thrown up a couple times but literally five times compared to the daily 8weekfive times with Sophie. Husband is convinced it’s a boy, I’m convinced it’s a girl. Only 6 weeks til we know. Yeah yeah we weren’t going to find out but this is our last pregnancy. A lot of talking (a years worth) has gone into this decision, and this will be our final baby. Lots of reasons and we are happy with our decision. It’s getting SO annoying though, when people say ‘oh yeah we’ll see this isn’t going to be the last yeah yeah’. As if we haven’t discussed this for a long time? As if we haven’t come to this decision and it wasn’t light?! Trying for a baby is hard enough for us, let alone trying for a third! So please, if you are reading and one of those who think ‘yeah yeah SUUUUREEEE they’re done’ then please, shut up!!!

Anyway! I will try and update here more often, there’s actually a fair few issues come up recently I need to research and blog on, but right now…right now I am going to bed!



Babies, Babies EVERYWHERE

One Born Every Minute is back! And we all know what that means…BABIES! Teeny newborns being born and the sounds of women in labour – which depending who you are, could be panting, yelling, screaming or plain sounding like you’re in the throes of an orgasm.

Personally I was quite quiet. Pushing was harder on my legs (as I mentioned before) and I LOVE One Born. I love seeing those moments of magic where the tiny humans are first into the world. All folded up and not quite in their skin yet. So wrinkly and goopy and just proper bundles of actual love. Made from love (in most cases).

There are loads of women I am friends with who are all pregnant now in various stages along and I confess to be jealous.


I have a beautiful five month old daughter who is now grabbing her toes and awaiting her teeth to pop through. I love Sophie with all my heart – she is my rainbow baby. But GOD do I want another one! Seeing all the newborns around me makes me so, so broody it’s unbelievable. I miss pregnancy and labour more than having a newborn though. I miss the excitement of scans, first kicks and cravings. I miss taking a billion tests just to make sure that there is a baby there and it isn’t some incredible dream I get to live. One thing I hope for next time round though is a proper bump. You know the one I mean, one where you can actually rest your book or cereal bowl on the top. I had a tiny bump that barely showed.

I still can’t quite stomach the smell of Chinese food even now! *wistful sigh*

Anyway, I know I have Sophie. I know I have what so many women long for. But she didn’t come easy. We lost two before Sophie and what with me being all over the place as a woman she was a little miracle in my eyes. Doesn’t stop me wanting another one though. We won’t find out the gender next time though, we’ll have the surprise of pink or blue. I want Husband to be able to tell me the name of our baby when they arrive!



My light x
My light x

Judgey McJudgeyson – Yes, THAT is YOUR Name!

I am all for a good debate/heated conversation/argument/downright bitching session. Of course I am, I am a woman and by nature we are fiercely overprotective of our own opinions and naturally think we are right. Put up your dukes! I am right and you are wrong and I will argue you into the netherworld’s until I am proven so!

Damn skippy

Not really – while I have very strong viewpoints I do try to see another opinion. Lately though, I have been getting increasingly irate at all the judgmental and not to mention, BITCHY women I know. I went to an all girls secondary school and I hated it. Growing up with so many brothers I learned to fight like a boy. Basically, this means calling someone out and hashing out an argument. As quoted in Mean Girls, all the fighting in girl world is sneaky. Its horrendous and they judge you and sneer at your opinion and quietly make you feel like shit when we all know all girls want to be accepted by their equals.

However this post is specific to Mums.

During pregnancy we are all very much banded together and going through the same or similar feelings and issues and changes. When we doubt things like sex in pregnancy or stretchmarks etc, we are issued with a rallying cry of ‘it’s your body, your choice, ignore the haters, do what you like! SCARY WOMAN POWER!’ There’s unity and support and outrage at the nasty menfolk who made us SO pregnant we are sick, with sore boobies and hormones and weight gain. IT’S THE MENFOLK WITH THE PENISES – THEIR FAULT!

And then we become mummies. Some women, like myself and my Bestie, stay supportive of others choices even when we don’t agree. Then there are the others. I should probably whisper the next bit just in case they can hear me… the Supermums.

Oh good, they didn’t hear me! Phew! You know the ones I mean right? I’ll do you a list –

SuperMum read ALL the manuals on parenting. Ever. And now has a specialist degree on babies.

SuperMum disapproves of women who poison their poor defenseless babies with disgusting formula *spit*

SuperMum disapproves of all things that non-SuperMums do

SuperMum disinfects all things in case baby gets yucky germs. Including visitors. And the oxygen outside.

Scratch that, SuperMum would never dare bring baby outside. There are more yucky germs!

SuperMum never EVER EVER puts the baby down and therefore have superior iron bladders

SuperMum does not get anything wrong. IT WAS IN THE BOOK IT MUST BE RIGHT!


That was an extreme except for the bits in pink. Not every breastfeeding mother is a scary beast at all – I know a lot of boobiefeeding mothers who are brilliant and lovely including Bestie. I’m just referring to the ones who one moment support you as a woman then believe as soon as you become a mother you are a 24/7 baby-led junkie who must do nothing else but see to baby! Mid pee and the baby cries? Don’t finish – run and grab the baby because if you leave him cry for longer than a second Cortisol will flood into their system and they will stop trusting you!!!! Don’t pierce/circumcise your child – you are making bad choices for them and they shall forever hate you and spit on you.

I may seem like I am exaggerating, but there are honest to God women in this world who are so determined to follow all the books and be so perfect that they think anything less than what the books tell them is incorrect. Well you know what? When I spent 8.5 hours in labour and 2 of those pushing Sophie into the world, I did not see a book hanging at the end of her cord. All these so called ‘experts’ have got a big problem – the babies we had DID NOT GET THE MANUAL! No baby is born with one.

The majority of experts out there write books on babies and their milestones and most of them don’t even have kids!

In a nutshell – why can’t mothers just support each other regardless of whether they agree with opinions? I mean, do I have to feel looked down on just because I use formula? No I bloody well shouldn’t.

And if you run into a scary SuperMum, do me a favour and tell her that you left your baby in a pile of glass once to play. She doesn’t have to know you mean sand.