Holy Hit Rating, Batman!

Earlier today, I made it public on Facebook that I would be featuring the real birth stories of real women. By this, I don’t mean 16 and Pregnant stars or celebrities with their too posh to push sections, but real down to earth women. Births which are traumatic, births which are textbook, some with sad endings, most with happy endings.

The reason for all this, is because of books and magazines. They do not showcase the REAL experiences of women. Of course they don’t; they don’t want to scare the shit out of their readers! Birth is a very raw experience. You are brought to your knees (literally) and stripped of any facade. As a woman you are down to the bare bones of your emotions. The experiences written in the majority of baby books, magazines and leaflets are those of a mother going in smiling and looking pristine, and then holding a baby in a clean white blanket and looking healthy and serene.

The reality is far from it. Sweating, mooing (yes, mooing), moaning, screaming, exhausting, exhilarating, heart wrenching. All these words barely scrape the surface of labour, birth and the aftermath. So I decided it was about time women got to share their stories; blood, stitches, the lot!

Some very good women I know of have helpfully shared their story with photos, anecdotes and excruciating detail. These are not for the faint of heart, not for those who are looking solely for fluffy experience. These are for women who want a true picture of how labour can be, who want a raw insight to the realities of childbirth and who want to grit their teeth and go in eyes wide open and ready for whatever gets thrown at them.

Not all of the stories are of easy birth; there is one on the way of a shoulder dystocia birth from a very good friend of mine who is currently carrying a second little miracle, her son happy and healthy after a traumatic birth. Another friend has bravely posted the story of her little girl, who was born sleeping at 34 weeks gestation. These stories do not show serenity and candles and mood music. They show emotion and bravery and courage from women who have carried on and had another child despite the traumas of the past.

A lot of my friends have posted hard but amazing labours, with gorgeous little bundles to show off and quick exits from hospitals (rather like Sophie’s story!)

These are the women who should be looked up to and emulated. These are mothers. Real, uncut and ready for you to read. Go on. Have a look. You’ll be just as amazed as I am.

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Mama Friends

This post is gonna be an utterly gooey goopy post to the WOMAN in my life


One of the best things about being a Mum is meeting other mums. I have this AMAZing friend – we’ll call her Bestie who had her daughter Safia, five hours before I had Sophie.

I was H2G (Honest to God) gutted when I read this. Let me explain why.

I was 39weeks exactly when I started having contractions. Bestie was a week behind me and was of course over the moon for me.  I had irregular contractions all of the Friday, all of the Saturday and on the Sunday I was in labour all day. However, I had breakfast, walked five miles then played (and won!) crazy golf with Husband. When I’d got home, the contractions were 3 mins apart but I refused to go to hospital for the third time that weekend and instead decided to bounce on the ball at home. Logged into Facebook at 1pm and see that Bestie had updated that her water had broken! Honestly, I burst into tears! Ha! All because I had two days of back and forth, and at 38weeks she had her waters gone and was in labour. I was so jealous I could, and did, cry haha!

Anyway, I couldn’t hang about because contractions had me on all fours and Husband insisted on going to the hospital. At 4.30pm the midwife gave me the glorious news that I was in established labour at 4.5cms. So I labour for 8.5 hours, and Sophie came into the world at 12.58am. The next morning I pop onto Facebook to let the people in my life know that she had arrived, and I see that little Safia was born at 7pm the night before.

Me! 😀

So although I was two whole weeks ahead and had been labouring for pretty much the weekend on and off, Bestie had beat me to it.

And do you know what? I would not change a thing. I know she is reading this right now, and I have something to tell you. I ACTUALLY LOVE YOU!!!!

Throughout pregnancy we chatted and chatted and I have learned that Bestie is my metaphorical other half (other than the gorgeous Husband of course mwah). We have the same tastes in everything, same views, same big gob that just doesn’t shut up. And we both have beautiful daughters who are only 5 hours apart in age.

The best thing about it? We met on a mum’s forum online.

Apparently Husband and I had better get on with it and make a little boy for Safia. I have no idea what I would do without her now – she is the voice inside my head. Whenever I do something or see something to do with Sophie I always think MUST TELL HER!


Here’s to you chick!

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