One Very Big Rant

Good evening!

This is not going to be a Sophie post tonight. I am having a lot of difficulty on Facebook these days because of the views of one particularly arrogant little bitch on there. I will refer to her as Idiot.

Anyway, here is a list of facts about the stupid girl, I will address each one after:

She is 19 years old

She has a son

She preaches herself as a Christian (Bible following and quoting)

Despite the above, she thinks it was okay to have premarital sex and get herself pregnant…so her baby is a bastard

She believes that there is no excuse for circumcision and that medical reasons are ‘myths’

She believes that gay people are an abomination

She describes Barack Obama as a ‘N*****’

She will not teach her son about Father Christmas

She is a ‘White Nationalist’

She has previously told me I am poisoning Sophie by formula feeding her

Ok so let’s address each point here. The fact she is 19 and a Mum wasn’t what I was getting at. Most teenage mothers are the most fabulous mothers out there. It’s the fact she is 19 and spends all her time quoting things off the internet as pure fact and shows her complete lack of maturity and total childishness. She has a little boy not yet a year old who is not allowed to know about Santa because she is and I quote ‘a Christian’. Let me ask – bonafide Christians who quote Leviticus and the Bible regularly tend to follow it to the letter right? She didn’t wait until marriage for sex…which I’m sure is a rule or something? I can’t stand people who use a religion as a reason for insulting people.

Anyway. She says she is a ‘white nationalist’ which in laymans terms is ‘someone who hates anyone of a different colour to white and all gay people are disgusting creatures who go against God’. Seriously?? I am sure we are in 2012 here and not 1928??? God tells us to be tolerant and to be accepting of all, and yet someone who calls herself a Christian goes against that! Yes, Leviticus says that man who lie with other men are abominations, but that was the OT not the NT and 3000 year old rules are for that time and that time alone. Also, God made Man in His image…surely that means he then created people to be homosexual right? He accepts them as they are. He made them that way. And Jesus had two Dads!

Not everyone believes in Father Christmas which is cool, but to stop your child from the magic of Christmas by saying it’s not in your religion to do so is so hypocritical of her. There is a serious lack of intelligence in this girl! She believes ear piercing and circumcision is mutilation and that even if there is a medical reason to do so, that must be a myth and you are just a bad bad person. Total and utter bullshit. Honestly that is the most ridiculous crap I have ever heard in my life! And then she has the audacity to tell me that I shouldn’t judge HER for not letting baby learn about FC!? Yeesh. Delusional is not the word!

There are not many people that I know of who have such a damning effect on me in such a negative way. She makes me want to vomit up my own spleen. Any parent knows that the decisions they make are the RIGHT decisions for THEIR family, whether that be breastfeeding, circumcision or any other debate out there. As long as it works for you then it shouldn’t be a problem. For this Idiot child, she believes her beliefs are the ONLY ones that are right and anyone else is wrong. Like I said, total child. Will not listen to reason or even compromise and I think she is setting herself up for utter, utter failure. But you know what? She can mess up her kid. Sophie is formula fed and is happy. Sophie is happy – and that’s cos of me and her Daddy.

Personally, I hope her little boy grows up to be the most effeminate gay man who has a thing for large black men ever. 


Judgey McJudgeyson – Yes, THAT is YOUR Name!

I am all for a good debate/heated conversation/argument/downright bitching session. Of course I am, I am a woman and by nature we are fiercely overprotective of our own opinions and naturally think we are right. Put up your dukes! I am right and you are wrong and I will argue you into the netherworld’s until I am proven so!

Damn skippy

Not really – while I have very strong viewpoints I do try to see another opinion. Lately though, I have been getting increasingly irate at all the judgmental and not to mention, BITCHY women I know. I went to an all girls secondary school and I hated it. Growing up with so many brothers I learned to fight like a boy. Basically, this means calling someone out and hashing out an argument. As quoted in Mean Girls, all the fighting in girl world is sneaky. Its horrendous and they judge you and sneer at your opinion and quietly make you feel like shit when we all know all girls want to be accepted by their equals.

However this post is specific to Mums.

During pregnancy we are all very much banded together and going through the same or similar feelings and issues and changes. When we doubt things like sex in pregnancy or stretchmarks etc, we are issued with a rallying cry of ‘it’s your body, your choice, ignore the haters, do what you like! SCARY WOMAN POWER!’ There’s unity and support and outrage at the nasty menfolk who made us SO pregnant we are sick, with sore boobies and hormones and weight gain. IT’S THE MENFOLK WITH THE PENISES – THEIR FAULT!

And then we become mummies. Some women, like myself and my Bestie, stay supportive of others choices even when we don’t agree. Then there are the others. I should probably whisper the next bit just in case they can hear me… the Supermums.

Oh good, they didn’t hear me! Phew! You know the ones I mean right? I’ll do you a list –

SuperMum read ALL the manuals on parenting. Ever. And now has a specialist degree on babies.

SuperMum disapproves of women who poison their poor defenseless babies with disgusting formula *spit*

SuperMum disapproves of all things that non-SuperMums do

SuperMum disinfects all things in case baby gets yucky germs. Including visitors. And the oxygen outside.

Scratch that, SuperMum would never dare bring baby outside. There are more yucky germs!

SuperMum never EVER EVER puts the baby down and therefore have superior iron bladders

SuperMum does not get anything wrong. IT WAS IN THE BOOK IT MUST BE RIGHT!


That was an extreme except for the bits in pink. Not every breastfeeding mother is a scary beast at all – I know a lot of boobiefeeding mothers who are brilliant and lovely including Bestie. I’m just referring to the ones who one moment support you as a woman then believe as soon as you become a mother you are a 24/7 baby-led junkie who must do nothing else but see to baby! Mid pee and the baby cries? Don’t finish – run and grab the baby because if you leave him cry for longer than a second Cortisol will flood into their system and they will stop trusting you!!!! Don’t pierce/circumcise your child – you are making bad choices for them and they shall forever hate you and spit on you.

I may seem like I am exaggerating, but there are honest to God women in this world who are so determined to follow all the books and be so perfect that they think anything less than what the books tell them is incorrect. Well you know what? When I spent 8.5 hours in labour and 2 of those pushing Sophie into the world, I did not see a book hanging at the end of her cord. All these so called ‘experts’ have got a big problem – the babies we had DID NOT GET THE MANUAL! No baby is born with one.

The majority of experts out there write books on babies and their milestones and most of them don’t even have kids!

In a nutshell – why can’t mothers just support each other regardless of whether they agree with opinions? I mean, do I have to feel looked down on just because I use formula? No I bloody well shouldn’t.

And if you run into a scary SuperMum, do me a favour and tell her that you left your baby in a pile of glass once to play. She doesn’t have to know you mean sand.