No Silver Spoon…Just Plastic!

Sophie is being weaned! Oh GOD my baby is growing up!!!

We went around Asda today and bought some lovely bright orange plastic spoons and green star bowls. We got a load of Ella’s Kitchen pouches and a box of Cow and Gate baby porridge. We did a bowl of baby porridge when we got home – a bowl is about 6 teaspoons. She ate five of those six spoons as well as a 6oz bottle of formula!

Loving the porridge!
Loving the porridge!

She is a right little piggy and absolutely loved trying something new! She kept pulling these little faces that said how much she hated it but then she would smack her little lips and grin for more…as you can see!

We are going to try her on a pouch of warmed mashed banana tonight and then follow on with a bottle. Hopefully this will allow her to sleep through for longer as her tummy will be warm.

I felt SO tearful earlier. Mixture of total pride that she is growing up but also so sad that my tiny newborn is becoming more independent. She is my absolute sunshine and it makes me so sad to know that the wrinkly prawn is so big now.

I need to have a new baby!

I bought a gorgeous yellow dress with green tights for her for Church on Sunday.


I am so so excited that when we do her Christening Husband is getting himself baptised as well! He has already been christened into the Church of England but he doesn’t want us to go to different places when we die and wants Sophie to have a good example set for her. I think it’s wonderful! I cannot wait to tell his mother…


Santa Baby

Christmas is just around the nearest corner, it’s getting cold outside and everything smells Wintry. If you don’t believe me, lean out of the nearest window and take a good deep breath. Smell that? See, told you. Also, the Coca-Cola ‘Holidays are Coming’ television advert has been on and that MUST mean it’s nearly Christmas.

I love Christmas – the real Christmas – where you can smell roasted chestnuts and real trees in the streets. Where you can hear charity bands singing carols in the shopping centres and precincts. Where you have midnight mass (well, 6pm mass for me!) and mistletoe and a satsuma in a stocking. I love the weight of the table groaning under yummy Christmas eats. I love fairy lights and Father Christmas and the magic you see in a little ones eyes when it’s Christmas morning. I love being with my family most of all, because they are what make

Our Christmas dinner – NOM

Christmas for me. We don’t all get together that often, see, so it’s nice to eat, drink and watch the Eastenders Christmas Special together.

I don’t like the fake Christmas. I don’t like the synthetic Santa suits in the shops. I don’t like the displays that come out in September, even before Halloween and Bonfire Night. I especially don’t like the emphasis on presents.


Christmas is a time for giving but that does not necessarily mean the latest gadgets!

I know this particular post goes off the usual ramblings about the beautiful little critter in my life, but I am dumbfounded by the amount of toy adverts that are blasted across my TV screen at all hours in the day. I mean really, Santa over there <– is right! I know a lot of people spend months shopping for gifts etc – but the Christmas lights have been up since the beginning of November. Whatever happened to the Twelve Days of Christmas? I put up a tree and decorations 12 days before and they get taken down 12 days afterward, for luck.

The pressure on people now to buy THE latest presents for every single immediate and extended member of their family is insane. Husband has the kind of family that will actually judge you for the amount of money you spend on them. They can enjoy the £5 box of Celebrations I will buy them and like it in my opinion. We are not flush for cash. There are 7 members of my immediate family alone and even they will get what they’re given and like it.

So many of my friends are spending ridiculous amounts of money on their children to ensure they have the latest shoes/clothes/gadgets that I just have to feel sorry for them. I am not rich or made of money, so therefore people can have what I can afford. If they don’t like the card I get them, they can throw the sentiment was in the bin. If I’ve sent a card in the first place they can be happy I at least thought of them.

And then there are the loan sharks – Provident, Payday Loans, Shopacheck… all designed to tempt and treat ‘last minute cash bursts for Christmas’. What a way to start the New Year, in debt.

Christmas is about family. It’s about the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you see the holly wreaths and hear Hark the Herald Angels. It’s about lighting the Advent candles, and opening the Advent Calendar. About toasting goodwill and health and enjoying each others company while eating far, far too much. It’s about wearing the horrible clothes someone bought you because it’s too cold outside not to. It’s about looking at the Christmas tree topped with a Star and feeling a ridiculous hope about the year to come.

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” 
  —  Norman Vincent Peale

Nativity Scene