I got a really nice buzz on the door today! Ella’s Kitchen have sent Sophie and I their brand new cookbook, as well as a lovely new mixing bowl and wooden spoon!

The book is packed out with not only meal ideas, but sandwich fillers, dips for vegetables and a recipe for home made play dough! The book covers all ages for children (and adults, I WILL be trying them!) for healthy meals and delicious desserts.

I cannot wait to get stuck in with the book and make some delicious treats to post on here and show you all. It’s going to be brilliant for when Sophie is a bit older and she can don her own little chefs hat and help Mummy cook!

Thank you very much, Ella’s Kitchen!


Thank You, Ella’s Dad!!

photo (1)I got my vouchers through from Ella’s Dad and the Ella’s Kitchen staff yesterday. As I blog about the range and Sophie’s experiences of each new flavour or product, they sent me three vouchers to get stuck into the new Dairylicious range out now. So we poodled off to Asda and picked up yoghurt, fromage frais and the new rice pudding. Couldn’t help it, we also bought the milk and vanilla cookies, and the raspberry and vanilla puffits. We’re waiting to try her on the puffits yet as they’re quite small and she’s just getting used to lumps and textured food. The reviews for the fromage frais, rice pudding and cookies are now posted in the usual area.


Thank you Ella’s Kitchen for the vouchers!

Ella’s New Range & THE MOST AWESOME Mini-Est Milk Float!

I’m a big fan (as is Sophie) of Ella’s Kitchen pouches. They’ve got so many different flavours and I blog about them regularly in my reviews section.

I was sent some brilliant info about the new mini-est milk float, to promote the new dairy range by Ella’s Kitchen.


– Ella’s Kitchen unveils the world’s smallest milk float to deliver the big tastes of their new dairy range to little ones –

The world’s smallest milk float, standing at just 133cm tall and 88 cm wide, has been revealed today to help bring the big tastes of Ella’s Kitchen new yoghurts, fromage frais and rice pudding to tiny tots. Having taken specialists over three months to develop and construct, the mini milk float has bespoke features including a steering wheel measuring just 22.5cm and a 45cm windscreen, making it a perfectly miniaturised version of the real thing.

The world’s tiniest milk float has been created by baby and toddler food expert Ella’s Kitchen and goes on tour from today to welcome its new range of 100% organic fromage frais, yoghurts and desserts to the dairy aisle.


The battery operated tiny milk float is 60 per cent smaller than the average float and designed to be just big enough to be driven by Paul Lindley, Ella’s Dad and Founder of Ella’s Kitchen. He was spotted out and about on the streets of London, delivering yoghurts to little ones across the capital.

Paul Lindley comments: “We created the first – and the world’s smallest – tiny milk float, to celebrate the BIG tastes of our new dairylicious yoghurt, fromage frais and rice pudding – as you can see I can barely fit inside it! It was tricky to make the smallest milk float in the world and it was a real test for the designers, but we felt it was the best way to capture exactly how our new range is perfectly sized for little ones, but still contains big tastes for tiny taste buds with up to 20% real fruit and no added refined sugar. We’re excited about tiny tots experiencing our new range for themselves”.


Ella’s Kitchen’s new dairy range contains no added refined sugar and provides a natural source of calcium, so they are a great way to introduce dairy to tiny tots for the first time.

The new yogurts, rice puddings and fromage frais are available to purchase in the dairy aisle at Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado.

My review for the new dairy range will be up soon as I can get my hands on them! Keep your eyes peeled ladies and gents!


No Silver Spoon…Just Plastic!

Sophie is being weaned! Oh GOD my baby is growing up!!!

We went around Asda today and bought some lovely bright orange plastic spoons and green star bowls. We got a load of Ella’s Kitchen pouches and a box of Cow and Gate baby porridge. We did a bowl of baby porridge when we got home – a bowl is about 6 teaspoons. She ate five of those six spoons as well as a 6oz bottle of formula!

Loving the porridge!
Loving the porridge!

She is a right little piggy and absolutely loved trying something new! She kept pulling these little faces that said how much she hated it but then she would smack her little lips and grin for more…as you can see!

We are going to try her on a pouch of warmed mashed banana tonight and then follow on with a bottle. Hopefully this will allow her to sleep through for longer as her tummy will be warm.

I felt SO tearful earlier. Mixture of total pride that she is growing up but also so sad that my tiny newborn is becoming more independent. She is my absolute sunshine and it makes me so sad to know that the wrinkly prawn is so big now.

I need to have a new baby!

I bought a gorgeous yellow dress with green tights for her for Church on Sunday.


I am so so excited that when we do her Christening Husband is getting himself baptised as well! He has already been christened into the Church of England but he doesn’t want us to go to different places when we die and wants Sophie to have a good example set for her. I think it’s wonderful! I cannot wait to tell his mother…