Just Call Me Samantha…Without Magic

Ahhh what a wonderful weekend! I am being all domestic and not only have I paid attention to my blog, I’ve played around with some recipes and made my first ever Lemon Meringue Pie and I’m in the process of making a chocolate fudge brownie pie as well. I’ll post the recipe for that one later.

I feel a bit like Samantha Stevens (Of Bewitched) running around and doing the laundry. However I haven’t been able to hang them up as there is a rather horrid looking spider who has taken up residence on a heeeeeee-uge web across the line! So fuck that, the washing can wait. Shudder. Thank God for Bank Holiday weekend hey!!!

Sophie has been good as gold – clambering up and down the stairs at high speed and babbling away to herself. She can say duck and bird and sometimes confuses the two but that’s ok because she is CUTE. Sophie actually had a second nap today which she hasn’t actually done in a very long time. I wonder whether she is having a growth spurt now? I must look this up. Her hair is getting crazy long to the point her fringe is almost in her eyes so I’m going to have to invest in some clips!1157414_10151639062017153_614356409_n

The birth stories I requested are coming in thick and fast and I’m absolutely stunned by the social media response. I did get a rather funny message though from someone asking me to discuss circumcision – I think they want me lynched or something, but I said no – being the mother of a girl I have 0 opinion on boys’ penises and until I have a boy I won’t bother with that discussion!

Sometimes I hate the fact that I neglect this blog – I have loved writing it ever since it started in November 2012. I enjoy discussing the parenting issues out there on the very wide internet and other times I get so guilty because life is just getting busier and busier! I’d suggest I hire myself a ghost writer but then it wouldn’t be me, and I love to write!

I do have three other blog posts in the pipeline at the moment, one of which is going to be up tonight but the other two not just yet. I have to write several at once at the moment which isn’t easy especially with Sophie crawling at high speed!

Everyone who comes to view here, I now have a Facebook page for this blog, which I will now be making more  frequent visits to and posting discussions so please feel free to get involved.

Right – chocolate fudge pies are DONE and I have a dinner to cook so I shall wave my floury hands and sign out. My mother would cry – there is a teeny tiny bit of flour on the oven at the moment. I never used to be allowed to bake in her kitchen but that’s ok – I have my own one now mwahahaha! Ta ta!


8 Months

Sophie is almost 8 months old. In 5 short days, she will be just four tiny little months off her first birthday. Whoever Father Time is, I’m going to find him and strangle him for speeding this time up. I try and take as many photos of her as I can (which I am sure every friend on Facebook has hidden me to avoid the constant photos…) to document this time in her life, and she is just so different. Every day marks528225_10151392669922153_1094764566_n something new that changes with her.

New Things!

She has two cute little bottom teeth, with two more pushing through at the moment

She is eating everything in sight (whether food or not)

Although not crawling, she is belly spinning on the floor

She likes to sit properly for long periods of time (huzzah!)

Sophie is eating more finger foods, like toast fingers and cheese puffs which are a rare treat

The laughing! She recognises funny things and laughs!

She can say Mama and Dada, but she prefers to repeat baba and rara over and over again

Sophie loves to jump – if she could do it all day she would

Sophie sleeps 6pm-6am now, and only wakes once for a cuddle and dummy replacement

Her dummy is becoming less frequent, used only for bed times and when she holds it herself and gums on it

She reaches for toys, and has learned to play fetch…basically she throws, Husband fetches, annnnd repeat!

She’s getting big now, wearing 9-12 month clothes most of the time as she is long as anything. Growing girl, this one. Solid foods, snacks and bottles. I found a video of her at two days old and actually cried – I can’t remember her being so little!!! Everyone else can and I can’t. I guess watching her grow up is making me forget but I will never forget her little personality changes. She sits on the floor like me, but she definitely acts like her Daddy