Cha Ching!

Babies cost money. This is definitely no secret! Nappies round in at a fiver a go, formula tops at eight quid and that is not including the dummies, bibs, clothes, toys, pram, cot, highchair, bottles, steriliser, dummy clip, baby monitors, cot mobile, changing table, toiletries and many other baby things that have to be bought. Oh and maternity pads and breast pads!

When I was in labour with Sophie, it cost us £120 in taxi fares going back and forth to the hospital. There’s another cost right there! You don’t really realise how much everything will cost until you sit down at 8 months pregnant and tot up the stuff you actually need.

Anyway this was just a short ranty type of post because of the cost of nappies. GRRRR


How Do You ‘Sleep’ Yours?

Cosleeping and cot sleeping. Two very different types of sleeping for babies. Why? Well, obviously, one is where the parent sleeps in the same bed with the baby and the other isn’t!

Sophie has slept in with me maybe two or three mornings. When I say mornings I mean at 4am when it’s a ridiculous time to want to play. I have her in her sleeping back above the covers. I have my reasons for NOT bedsharing and I have been judged for not doing so before; here they are:

I get worried I will roll over and either squash her or knock her onto the floor

It is freaking uncomfy to lay in just the one position all night

I don’t want Sophie to get accustomed to sleeping in my marital bed

Sophie is a starfish sleeper, I get no bloody room!

Obviously the most important reason for me is the first one. The couple of times I did bring her in were out of sheer desperation and exhaustion. Sophie had been up more than three times in two hours and I couldn’t hack it. Bringing her into our bed was the only option but I was at such a strange angle I seized up in the night. I have never been so sore in my life, and I am a black belt!

Sophie loves her cot. She loves to spreadeagle, loves to look at her mobile, loves to kick in the air with no constraints of the pram she

Sophie’s cot

used to sleep in when she was tiny. I was always terrified I would suffocate her with my boobs when she came into bed with us!

The benefits of bedsharing are shared more with mothers who breastfeed I think as baby can just latch on in the night and get on with munching. And of course there’s that closeness.

However, I can’t quite sleep properly when Sophie is in our bed for fear of her falling out somehow! Even when doing it safely

Anyway, I didn’t spend money on her cot for nothing did I!