Sophie’s First Christmas

Hello Christmas!
Hello Christmas!

*sob* Sophie had her very first Christmas. She spent all of it grizzling because she is teething like crazy right now. We decided that as she is only 5 months old, we were not going to spoil her with gifts and we asked all the family to buy clothes instead of toys as those were needed!

She got:

  • Teething keys (Mummy & Daddy)
  • Twisty rattle (Mummy & Daddy)
  • Baby ball pit and balls (Mummy & Daddy)
  • Denim dress and green top (Uncle G)
  • Pink dress and tights (Nanny C)
  • 7 in 1 baby wear set (Grampy J)
  • Ceramic piggy bank (Great Nanny E)
  • Baby’s 1st Xmas teddy (Grampy J)
  • Rudolph teddy (Grampy J)
  • Walk along caterpillar (Nanny H)
  • Playmat (Great Nanny S)
  • Talking teddy (Nanny H)

I have a very spoiled little monkey. Not so shocking that the only people not to stick to the ‘no toys’ rule was the in laws. TUT. However, we loved all the clothes that were bought for her and she only helped to open one because she slept through all the present opening!!

Sophie had a munch of some carrots through her solid net and we did use her new highchair as well, but she was so dinky in it we had to pad her out with blankets and sheets just so she would sit up.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve

When we got back home, we were shattered. Five days in London is so scary! When you spend most of your days in a little bubble of 3, being in a huge group can be so overwhelming. I mean, I know I grew up in it, but it’s definitely different when you haven’t been in it a while!

Sophie loved all the attention she got. Next year we’re going to have our own special Christmas as she will be 17 months old – Father Christmas will be coming to my house!!!!


It’s (Not) The End Of The World As We Know It

Friday 21st December 2012. The day the Mayans predicted the end of the world as we know it. In actual fact, their calendar cycle actually ends on that date and a new one starts afterward. However, I thought it would be really fun to post about the current theories that are swilling around in internet la-la land!

Geomagnetic reversal


Another idea tied to 2012 involves a geomagnetic reversal (often incorrectly referred to as a pole shift by proponents), possibly triggered by a massive solar flare, that would release an energy equal to 100 billion atomic bombs. This belief is supposedly supported by observations that the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening, which could precede a reversal of the North and South magnetic poles, and the arrival of the next solar maximum, which is expected sometime around 2012.

The likelihood of this happening on Friday is very UNlikely – most probably will happen in the next billion squillion years.

Planet X/Nibiru

Some believers in doomsday in 2012 claim that a planet called Planet X, or Nibiru, will collide with or pass by Earth in that year. This idea, which has appeared in various forms since 1995, initially predicted Doomsday in May 2003, but proponents later abandoned that date after it passed without incident. The idea originated from claims of channeling of alien beings and has been widely ridiculed. Astronomers have calculated that such an object so close to Earth would be visible to anyone looking up at the night sky.


Now don’t get me wrong, I believe our world as we know it will end one day. I don’t however, believe that it will be this coming Friday. For a start I’d be pissed; I didn’t spend all that money on Christmas presents only for the world to end and Sophie’s first Christmas go to waste. Secondly, I have my mother in law round on Saturday – and I would never be so lucky to get out of that!

mayan-calendar-2012-funny-cartoon2Nostradamus and countless other ‘psychics’ have predicted so many different dates as the end of the world. The problem with all these so called predictions…is that it’s bullshit. Yes I know my darling reader, you are looking at this thinking that I will look like a right lemon if the world ends. Well, no I won’t if it does because no one will be around to point and laugh. I can safely say it is bullshit because the world is a planet that has a lifespan. Its lifespan does not end just because some dude with a beard and a great mind of a con artist tells the world that it will end.

The thing is, there are people out there who believe it! And I don’t mean those who thing ‘hang on a moment…this could happen’ but bonafide doomsday preppers! They think, and excuse me for laughing here, that when the shit hits the fan that water and guns will save them. People are panic buying bomb shelters. Why? If the world will explode fat lot of good that would do you – and when the world doesn’t end, you’re hardly going to get a refund on a bomb shelter are you?

Anyway. Those who are prepping with lots of canned food and water and guns and all manner of ‘survival’ items, they will have a really well stocked larder for the coming winter.

I will go on and enjoy my Christmas. When I grow up and Sophie grows up, I will show her the film 2012 and tell her I survived it! 😀


Rest In Peace Little Angels

This week children all over the world will be breaking up from school for the holidays. They will be writing Christmas cards and excitedly opening the last 7 days on their Advent calendars. If it’s snowing, then sledding down hills and building snowmen will be happening now. Parents will be buying the last Christmas bits and secretly wrapping presents and hiding them away.

For 18 children and their families, and 6 adults and their families, this will not be the case. Those families will be looking at their lovely Christmas trees and the unopened presents and the empty stockings feeling devastated. Shocked. Sad. I don’t even know what words I can use to describe how those parents will be feeling right now.

On 14th December 2012, Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut and shot 12 little girls aged 5-7 years old, and 8 little boys of the same age. He also shot and killed six other adults including Victoria Soto, who threw herself in front of the children in her care and was shot to death.

Just some of the beautiful children
Just some of the beautiful children

These children, these beautiful angels went to school excited about making gingerbread houses and the coming weekend. Instead they had their lives, so full of promise snatched from them in the most brutal of manners. As a mother, seeing this unfold on the news was heart wrenching and I was in tears. The thing here is not just the poor children who lost their lives – the other kids who heard everything happen will carry this with them for the rest of their lives. They will freak out at car backfires and loud bangs and anything that would sound like a gun shot. They will have nightmares and miss their friends. In such a close neighbourhood this hasn’t just affected those who died but their families, friends, neighbours, public servants and the entire world who watched this on the news.

Right now, people in the USA are screaming at Obama for harsher gun control and making guns illegal and all sorts of ridiculous notions. I am not a fan of guns. I can’t even drink water without spilling it. However, guns do not kill people – people kill people. If someone wants to go out and commit the senseless act of murder, they will do it whether they use knives, guns, bats or plastic forks. The fact that he used a gun is not the point here. The point is why he did this at all – and we will never know because he went and shot himself like the coward he is!

I am now anticipating the fact that the media will pin this whole sad and devastating event on ‘mental issues’. I realise that anyone who has the capacity to kill innocent little children is a psycho, but they mean to blame his ‘autism’. I have a very intolerant view on this. Adam Lanza got up that morning and shot his mother in the face before stealing her gun. He then went to Sandy Hook school dressed in a bulletproof vest, shot his way in and killed as many as he could until he heard sirens – he then killed himself. By putting on a bulletproof vest and loading up with more than one weapon and over 100 rounds of ammunition he had every intention of murder and it was a planned act. This cannot be blamed on anything close to ‘diminished responsibility’. The trouble is no one will understand the motive behind it because he took the cowards way out and committed suicide.


Instead of a happy and exciting Christmas morning next week, every single affected family will be burying their children and mourning the day they should have had. They will be questioning what they could have done differently. The answer to that is nothing. They did nothing wrong. Adam Lanza did this to them – and he will be remembered as the man who killed angels. We should not allow him to be remembered but remember every single soul he took that day. We should remember all the names of  the Sandy Hook victims. We should remember them.


Daddy’s Girl…Mummy’s Girl…Daddy’s Girl…Mummy’s Girl…

So it has been decided that Sophie has no idea which one of us she prefers. She wants Daddy for playtime, Mummy for bedtime. Which makes me feel slightly affronted – am I boring or something!? The preference sometimes drives Husband mad especially when he wants to play but she only wants me!

Sometimes when Husband is holding her, she goes mental and wriggles and screams but then I hold her, and she sits quietly and sucks her dummy contented. Then there are times where I am holding her and she settles to nothing but will on her Daddy!

This child has no idea who or what she wants…but that’s ok because she is 19 weeks on Monday (eek!). How can she be 19 weeks already? She is now grabbing toys, smiling and laughing, tracking everything with her eyes and babbling loads. She is getting up to so much mischief and can spin 360 on her playmat now.

I think she is definitely a Daddy’s girl…what do you think?

Definitely Daddy's Girl
Definitely Daddy’s Girl

Do You Believe..?

believeI believe in Father Christmas. I always have done. Every Christmas Eve til I was 10 I believed in the man who came on a sleigh with his 8 reindeer. With my brothers, I put out carrots and milk for the reindeer and brandy and a mince pie for Father Christmas. On Christmas Morning I would get a shudder of delight opening my stocking on the banister outside my room and would wait patiently til the alarm clock my parents set up would go off at 7.30am – to stop Christmas 5am wake up! We’d then all go down to the hallway and first check the food we left outside and see if FC had been. If he had, we’d all be squealing excitedly before being led into the living room by Mum. Under the massive 7ft tree would be stacks and stacks of gifts and we’d all cheer. Bear in mind, 5 gifts each for 5 kids is 25 presents…

Believing in Father Christmas is what MADE Christmas so exciting when I was a child. The magic of him coming was wonderful. When I was 10 my parents told me the following:

When you turn 10, Santa hands the responsibility of buying presents over to Mum & Dad. There are so many new babies in the world that he has to visit now and you are in double figures – a big girl.

I’ve been reading a lot lately that a lot of parents don’t like to tell their kids about FC from the beginning because, and I quote: They would be lying to their child

What? Just… what? Believing in Father Christmas is one of the best ever things about Christmas as a child! It means magic, and stories, and flying reindeer. Who doesn’t want to believe in flying reindeer?! Granted, I will be the one buying my daughter her gifts, but I want her to have an imagination. I want her to believe in the workshops of the North Pole and that the reindeer eat magic hay to help them fly. Apparently all that magic is irrelevant – you will be LYING to your child and DAMAGING them for life. Give me a break!

In no order, here are some ahem, LIES parents will tell their kids at some point:

  1. If you tell the truth – you won’t get into trouble. This is a total lie in itself, no matter what, they WILL get in trouble!
  2. If you make that face, the wind will change and it will get stuck that way
  3. If you touch your bits too much it’ll drop off! Clearly boys only!
  4. Let me give that scrape a kiss – there ALL better
  5. Don’t suck your thumb. Trees will grow out of it!
  6. Eat your vegetables and you will be like Popeye!
  7. Don’t sit close to the TV or you’ll get square eyes
  8. The police will arrest children who swear!
  9. Eating the crusts will put hairs on your chest
  10. Father Christmas only comes when you’re asleep!

All of these so called lies, are actually fables that get passed down from generation to generation and are a part of growing up. I don’t mind if people don’t tell their kids about FC, I really don’t. I DO mind however if that child will then tell mine that FC doesn’t exist

Why ruin it for those of us who like the magic? I want Sophie to have the same shudder of delight I did, the same excitement that one day there was no gifts under the tree and the next, a pile and a stocking. I can’t wait to take her to put out the food for the reindeer and Father Christmas. I want to see her little face light up with innocence and magic.

I believe. Do you?

One Very Big Rant

Good evening!

This is not going to be a Sophie post tonight. I am having a lot of difficulty on Facebook these days because of the views of one particularly arrogant little bitch on there. I will refer to her as Idiot.

Anyway, here is a list of facts about the stupid girl, I will address each one after:

She is 19 years old

She has a son

She preaches herself as a Christian (Bible following and quoting)

Despite the above, she thinks it was okay to have premarital sex and get herself pregnant…so her baby is a bastard

She believes that there is no excuse for circumcision and that medical reasons are ‘myths’

She believes that gay people are an abomination

She describes Barack Obama as a ‘N*****’

She will not teach her son about Father Christmas

She is a ‘White Nationalist’

She has previously told me I am poisoning Sophie by formula feeding her

Ok so let’s address each point here. The fact she is 19 and a Mum wasn’t what I was getting at. Most teenage mothers are the most fabulous mothers out there. It’s the fact she is 19 and spends all her time quoting things off the internet as pure fact and shows her complete lack of maturity and total childishness. She has a little boy not yet a year old who is not allowed to know about Santa because she is and I quote ‘a Christian’. Let me ask – bonafide Christians who quote Leviticus and the Bible regularly tend to follow it to the letter right? She didn’t wait until marriage for sex…which I’m sure is a rule or something? I can’t stand people who use a religion as a reason for insulting people.

Anyway. She says she is a ‘white nationalist’ which in laymans terms is ‘someone who hates anyone of a different colour to white and all gay people are disgusting creatures who go against God’. Seriously?? I am sure we are in 2012 here and not 1928??? God tells us to be tolerant and to be accepting of all, and yet someone who calls herself a Christian goes against that! Yes, Leviticus says that man who lie with other men are abominations, but that was the OT not the NT and 3000 year old rules are for that time and that time alone. Also, God made Man in His image…surely that means he then created people to be homosexual right? He accepts them as they are. He made them that way. And Jesus had two Dads!

Not everyone believes in Father Christmas which is cool, but to stop your child from the magic of Christmas by saying it’s not in your religion to do so is so hypocritical of her. There is a serious lack of intelligence in this girl! She believes ear piercing and circumcision is mutilation and that even if there is a medical reason to do so, that must be a myth and you are just a bad bad person. Total and utter bullshit. Honestly that is the most ridiculous crap I have ever heard in my life! And then she has the audacity to tell me that I shouldn’t judge HER for not letting baby learn about FC!? Yeesh. Delusional is not the word!

There are not many people that I know of who have such a damning effect on me in such a negative way. She makes me want to vomit up my own spleen. Any parent knows that the decisions they make are the RIGHT decisions for THEIR family, whether that be breastfeeding, circumcision or any other debate out there. As long as it works for you then it shouldn’t be a problem. For this Idiot child, she believes her beliefs are the ONLY ones that are right and anyone else is wrong. Like I said, total child. Will not listen to reason or even compromise and I think she is setting herself up for utter, utter failure. But you know what? She can mess up her kid. Sophie is formula fed and is happy. Sophie is happy – and that’s cos of me and her Daddy.

Personally, I hope her little boy grows up to be the most effeminate gay man who has a thing for large black men ever. 

And Time..Goes By…So Slowly..

Unchained Melody. Excellent song but completely wrong. Time does NOT go by slowly. Sophie is 17 weeks old today and that has definitely not gone by slowly. She has grown from this little wrinkly squidge to a little fatty who actually laughs when she farts on me.

It’s already 21 days until Christmas 2012 begins. I want it to be Christmas so badly. Lots of food and laughing and games. And Sophie’s first ever one. This time last year I had only just found out about her existence and was kind of gutted that I couldn’t have pate with my french toast for dinner. She is now here and so cute and will look absolutely squidgealicious in her ‘My First Christmas’ outfit.

It is going to be an epic Christmas this year


You know, if the whole world doesn’t end on 21 December. That’s another post…