Sacrament #1, Unlocked!

1003041_10100356209951132_357620306_nI will preface this blog post by firmly saying I am not a Bible-bashing, church-going, God-fearing, follow-the-book Catholic. If I was, I would be burning in the pits of Hell for sex before marriage, conception out of wedlock, not marrying in the Catholic church (but I did in a Church of England one!) and living with a man before marriage.

I do believe in God, and I believe that He hears me when I pray, which isn’t always in a church because I believe He is everywhere all the time, so there’s not an allocated time slot for listening in!

I am christened in the Roman Catholic church, I have taken Confession, had my Holy Communion and did my Confirmation in the Catholic faith. I went to church every Sunday until I was 16, I was an altar server and a member of the choir. I stopped going every week when I was younger up until I got engaged. I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to get married in the church. I only didn’t get married in a Catholic one because Husband didn’t want to but compromised on A church, even if not Catholic.

Anyway, after we got married, we moved to a new area and I had Sophie so we stopped going for a while, then started again right before Christmas. Sophie’s dress was from Tesco (£20) and an absolute bargain. A lot of people spend hundreds on a dress but we wanted simple, beautiful and cost effective. She received 20 cards as well as some beautiful keepsakes for the day, which we’ve put into an ornamental box that my Nan bought for her. Seeing as the party afterwards was for her birthday, she not only received christening cards and gifts but also birthday presents! The number of gorgeous new outfits we received for her was amazing as we always ask for clothes as gifts considering how fast she is growing!

Yesterday, Sophie was christened in the Catholic Church and I haven’t felt such pride like that since she showed me her nose that very morning. Being able to be with people we love and who love Sophie, and seeing her get christened was so emotional for me. I spent most of the mass biting my tongue to stop from crying. It sounds silly, I know it does, but Sophie looked beautiful in her new christening dress and was so well behaved through the ceremony. Well, all bar the massive tears when everyone started to clap! She didn’t cry when the Holy Water was poured on her head and she waved and chattered to the other babies (one of which stayed asleep throughout the entire ceremony!).

It made me realize that it won’t be long before she starts school, or has her Holy Communion. Although Husband isn’t a catholic, he is fully supportive of her recognition and joining to the Catholic faith and wishes for our children to be raised in the church as I was. Time is speeding by us, and being able to be in one place with her family and Godparents was brilliant. We chose two Godmothers and two Godfathers for her day. 4 people we fully trust to protect and guide Sophie throughout her life and who we know will always be there for her. Sophie has no aunties, but now she has two Godmothers instead!

She truly is a very lucky girl.



No Silver Spoon…Just Plastic!

Sophie is being weaned! Oh GOD my baby is growing up!!!

We went around Asda today and bought some lovely bright orange plastic spoons and green star bowls. We got a load of Ella’s Kitchen pouches and a box of Cow and Gate baby porridge. We did a bowl of baby porridge when we got home – a bowl is about 6 teaspoons. She ate five of those six spoons as well as a 6oz bottle of formula!

Loving the porridge!
Loving the porridge!

She is a right little piggy and absolutely loved trying something new! She kept pulling these little faces that said how much she hated it but then she would smack her little lips and grin for more…as you can see!

We are going to try her on a pouch of warmed mashed banana tonight and then follow on with a bottle. Hopefully this will allow her to sleep through for longer as her tummy will be warm.

I felt SO tearful earlier. Mixture of total pride that she is growing up but also so sad that my tiny newborn is becoming more independent. She is my absolute sunshine and it makes me so sad to know that the wrinkly prawn is so big now.

I need to have a new baby!

I bought a gorgeous yellow dress with green tights for her for Church on Sunday.


I am so so excited that when we do her Christening Husband is getting himself baptised as well! He has already been christened into the Church of England but he doesn’t want us to go to different places when we die and wants Sophie to have a good example set for her. I think it’s wonderful! I cannot wait to tell his mother…