Why Do Noses Run and Feet Smell?

Sophie has a cold. Dun…Dun…DUUUUUNNNNNNNN. Runny nose, coughing the works. Add to that teething and my daughter is a DEEEE-light… not. No really she is absolutely lovely of course but she hates to have her runny nose wiped, which doesn’t make sorting her out easy.

Her temperature today was 98.04 which is the upper side of normal, so I’m keeping an eye on that. She also has Karvol in her bed – to be honest this didn’t work before, she has nasal drops and calpol in. We have lost both tube of CalGel – very annoyed by this but we actually do have a black hole in our house. I think it’s where the knickers and socks go. I’m sure I’ll find them all one day.

Not only does Sophie have a cold, but I have an icky one that I think is developing into a chest infection. Last time I had one of these was two years ago and I lost my voice for an entire 3 days. I do not want one of these again, but no, I will not go to the doctor!

TO be honest, I just want to sleep. I feel like I need a years worth of sleep just to catch up on life… Zzz


So so true



Bath Time with Daddy!

Right – it is bathtime. So I thought I would tell you all our bedtime routine with Sophie!

7pm– Warm lavender bath with Daddy. Mummy does the washing, Daddy holds the slippery critter


7.30pm – PJs, teething gel, Calpol and nasal spray (Sophie has a cold!)

8pm – Read a book to a dummy sucking baby 

8.30pm – Put down asleep in the cot after half hour of rocking and soothing, dummy intact

Sophie sleeps in a short sleeve vest, a long sleeve sleepsuit, 1.5tog sleeping bag and a pair of socks over her hands. My daughter has this habit of rubbing and smacking her own face. I believe this is my fault as I stroke her hair when she is tired, so she sometimes tries to soothe herself by stroking her own head. Cute. As. A. Button

We put Karvol decongestant into her cot to help the snot she has going at the moment and if she’s out of it we don’t put on her Winnie the Pooh lullaby machine.

Bam – sleeping happy baby, happy parents!


Oh Teething, I Hate You

Had a bit of  a crap one last night. Usually I do the bed time routine and Husband helps a lot. Sophie decided that sleeping all day long would probably be a better option than playtime. So we were there at 6pm, Husband was giving her the usual warm 7oz. Then she was passed to me for PJs and teething gel. I took her into the bedroom and rocked until my little stinky looked a bit like this:


All excellent. A sleeping baby and a happy Husband as he could settle down and play boy games on the iPhone. I gently took the hot water bottle from the cot (we use this to warm the sheets, therefore making baby think she is still being held – mwahaha!) I gently put her down. She fusses for a second before snoring.

My arse had JUST hit the couch when the monitor crackled with what sounded like ‘booogarrrr’. Seems my wiley child was not giving up that easily. No matter. I went back in, patted and shushed, stuck the magic dummy back into her gob and off to sleep she went.

This time, I had gotten comfy before ‘eeeeeoooooooo’ and a loud thump as she banged her feet on the mattress. No matter. I went back in, patted and shushed, stuck the magic dummy in her gob and off to sleep she went.

I offered Husband the put down instead, which he grabbed because it meant no 6am feeding. I also have a 9am uni start this morning so I could wake up early. The monitor squawked at us. This time, we applied teething gel. Our little monster is teething away at the moment and the only thing that usually helps after feed/burp/nappy/rocking is gel.


My daughter realises the difference when it’s Daddy putting her to bed. Because instead of being sound asleep by 8.30pm which is the norm for my Sophie, she decided that pretend sleep and playtime were on the agenda! It was 12.53am before finally giving in to a full sleep. With a very knackered Daddy who was slightly annoyed that the boy games were being left unplayed with, and I was rather peeved that I only caught the tail end of what had promised to be a good Eastenders episode.


Oh baby teeth, please hurry up and pop through the gums so we can finally get back to what we love to do best: SLEEP!