Her Royal Highness, Princess Sophie!

Ahhh it’s good to be blogging! It’s been ages, and this is due to the fact that time seems to be slipping through my fingers like water lately. I can’t seem to grab a hold on a single second to be on here. But, as it is Saturday I can finally get updated!58213_10151576621182153_1942104201_n

Sophie News:

So, I have 10 days until I have a one year old, and 15 days until she is christened. Mega proud moments. Firstly, the fact that Hubbers and I even survived the first year as parents, is a feat. No, really. I trip over my own feet most days, so the fact that I somehow kept another human alive is brilliant. I should bake us a cake.

Sophie is developing into a smart, sassy little toddler and she is definitely not my tiny baby anymore. She can mimic what we do from pretending to hold a phone to her ear, to touching her nose with one tiny finger. Sophie has 10 teeth now, which has made it easier for her to eat meats whereas before she tried to suck it to death she is now chewing it properly.

She eats everything we eat, and is on Cow and Gate 1-2 years milk and down to 2 bottles a day with lots of water and the occasional juice thrown in. With the disgusting heat we’ve been having, we’ve been literally pouring water into her mouth with a bottle. Of course now she doesn’t want water from a regular bottle but a grown up one!She will happily sip from a cup if we’re holding it and is still trying to master her sippy but she will get there.She is sleeping like a champ, with the occasional bad night thrown in when a tooth makes it’s appearance. Her best game is holding each hand, sliding off our laps and taking us for a walks around the flat. Sophie is crouching a lot to play and is a very speedy crawler.

943627_10151567768582153_331744848_nAlongside the usual first words, she can also say ‘bee’, ‘bird’, ‘diddly’ and something that sounds like ‘beesht’ but we have no idea what that means. She can point, clap, cruise along the couch and blow kisses at us. I’m very proud of my little girl and how well she is growing. I have no idea what she weighs, but she is so long that she fits comfortably in 12-18 month onesies but with the sleeves rolled right back.

Her christening is going to be a very emotional celebration for me, I’m going to be that loser up on the altar grinning madly and crying at the same time. Sophie will have two godfathers and two godmothers, and she is so loved by absolutely everyone who meets her. I guess the only habit of hers I need to stop is her waving at strange men. I don’t think her Daddy will appreciate it continuing!

Other News:7993_10151540355032153_365483012_n

I have a new ”niece”!! I put it as ”niece” because one of my dearest friends had her little girl a month ago this week! I am very proud of both my friend and her daughter – they may have had a hard time of labour, but they’re both healthy and happy and doing so well since she got home. I will be taking Sophie up to see them both next week and I cannot wait!

Everyone who is everyone has seen on the news we have a new baby Prince in the Royal Family. I am very much in support of our monarchy, they are an important part of our history and bring in millions in tourism to the country. I was very excited when it was announced that Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born. Kate looked absolutely amazing the next day (obviously a hairdresser helped!) but they looked like normal, proud, scared shitless parents and that made me happy! I already have a mini Royal in the family because of course, Sophie is royalty, but I hope that the Duke and Duchess are very happy with their little bundle of sunshine.


Let’s All Sit Together!

Drum Rolllllllll puhLEASE!

One day shy of 6 months old & my beautiful Sophie can sit.


This morning we were playing and I always practice sitting her up and then just hover my hands either side of her for when she inevitably topples over. Five minutes went by while I was nattering to Hubbers…and then I looked down, realising I hadn’t felt a topple!

So here she is, a very big girl now at  just under 6 months old, my daughter sits alone. I am so extremely proud of her.


Shameless Plugging!

Babies need accessories!! Especially for fashion conscious Mums out there!

So for today I am shamelessly going to promote some of my friends’ businesses.

Ashleigh’s Charms sell things like dummy clips (I bought one for Sophie, the delivery was prompt and it was beautiful and in a little bag!), key rings, buggy charms, buggy toy clips and more!

Ashleigh's Charms
Ashleigh’s Charms

Cuteness by Clair sell things like personalised knitted headbands, little Christmas stockings and also trying to convince her to do booties and hats!

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Cuteness by Clair

Amber Lily Headbands sell hair accessories for girls of all ages.

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So get on it ladies – start sharing and buying!