Let’s All Sit Together!

Drum Rolllllllll puhLEASE!

One day shy of 6 months old & my beautiful Sophie can sit.


This morning we were playing and I always practice sitting her up and then just hover my hands either side of her for when she inevitably topples over. Five minutes went by while I was nattering to Hubbers…and then I looked down, realising I hadn’t felt a topple!

So here she is, a very big girl now at  just under 6 months old, my daughter sits alone. I am so extremely proud of her.



Rolling As Transport??

My child generally sits, hands folded, all neat and tidy. She doesn’t really flail about everywhere –

it’s like she is a lady!







However recently, she has discovered how to roll. Not just front to back and back to front. But back to front…to back..to front. She is rolling everywhere to reach the right toys. Even on her changing mat, which stands a good 4 foot off the floor, she tries to roll on! It has lipped sides thankfully but still – she tries to roll as much as she can now she’s worked it out!

Much as I love this, it becomes a little bit of a worry when you put your darling child onto her playmats and then all of a sudden you feel a scratch at your ankle – 20 FEET AWAY! – because she has decided your socks are HER socks and she wants them! I have to say, I do think she has inherited a little of my mother.


Cos she’s fucking nuts!

(Mum, I love you so much :D)