Sophie is getting too big too quick. She usually has her solids while in her swing seat while it’s locked, but now we have moved up to a highchair *sob*. I feel like my baby is growing up so much faster than I thought. Even her crying sounds different…it’s more talkative..less like a newborn cry!

Sophie has also had her very first ride in a supermarket trolley. We were moseying around Asda and Sophie started to get a bit ratty. It’s quite new that she hates being in her pushchair now. I think it’s the freedom of being on the floor or sitting and grabbing at her toys that she prefers than the confines of her pushchair. Such a fusspot.

Anyway, she LOVED the trolley. Had to tighten the straps a bit though as she is still such a little dink that she doesn’t quite sit on her own. She has excellent head and neck control (has done since 2 days old)  and sits beautifully, but needs a little support still so she doesn’t tip sideways. Sophie has also somehow mastered NODDING!!! Lying on her back and babbling away, my girl can actually nod. It’s so cute and so weird.

Sigh… I didn’t really believe it when people told me how fast it would go…


My big girl <3
My big girl ❤

Happy Half Birthday

To my gorgeous daughter! She is approaching 6 months and I had a look through all her photos, and decided to make some comparison shots! In the zebra print, Sophie is 3 weeks old, and today at 24 weeks. In the stripey one, Sophie is 2 weeks old and lying WIDTH WAYS on her mat, and still doesn’t meet the length. The other is yesterday

She is growing SO fast 😦

what a difference difference