Perfectly Poached Egg

Poached Egg & Black Pudding
Poached Egg & Black Pudding

Prep time: 5 mins prep, 3.5 mins cooking time

Serves: Just you. To add more people, add more ingredients

How Much? Delicious Details
Your choice! Medium Eggs
A drop or two Oil
3/4 pan Boiling water

Making Magic

What with Husband needing some new things to eat I decided to try my hand at poached egg!

  1. You will need 2 cups/ramekins and as many sandwich bags as you have eggs. 2 eggs? 2 bags.
  2. Put a pan of cold water on to boil
  3. Arrange the sandwich bags in the cup so its one corner down and drop a little oil in
  4. Rub the bag so the oil spreads around the base and in the corners. DO NOT use too much!
  5. Crack the eggs into the bags and tie them loosely
  6. When the water comes to the boil, place the egg gently into the pan and start a timer for 3mins 30 seconds
  7. When the timer goes off, lift the bags into their cups/ramekins again
  8. Gently cup open the bag and use a spoon to scoop out the perfect poached egg

To Serve…

Add to toast, black pudding, chips or a full on fry up. Lovely!


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