Purple Pancakes (or not…)

Or in my case, NOT so purple pancakes. This is an error on my part; I got excited about the recipe and didn’t notice the bit that said ”use a hand mixer to puree the blueberries”…seeing as I don’t have a hand mixer, I left those bits out!

So this is the main method, but I'll write it step by step
So this is the main method. I’m cheating by showing a photo rather than writing it out…
The lovely ingredients!
The lovely ingredients!
photo 3
All of my ingredients together. By this point, I still hadn’t realised I need a hand mixer…
photo 4
Sift the flour into a bowl and make a well. Beat the egg into the milk, and gradually add to the flour with a balloon whisk (or fork!) until a batter is formed
photo 5
Mmmmm…Batter.. Now, at this point, the blueberry puree should be added, but I am a numpty and didn’t have a puree.. I added a little more milk than the recipe said as the batter was a bit stiff with the amount it recommends
photo 1 (3)
Melt butter into a hot pan so the batter doesn’t stick (NB: Tefal, pregnant ladies, DO NOT USE 😉 )
photo 2 (3)
Now, I spooned the batter in and my pancakes are misshapen, but that’s ok 😀
photo 3 (1)
Flip the pancakes over and pat a couple times to get the batter cooked through.
photo 4 (1)
Golden brown after cooking, I put these on a plate to cool before stacking and cutting
photo 5 (1)
Ta da! I scattered with blueberries (cos I bought them!) and for mine I sprinkled a little sugar on them
photo 3 (2)
And here is Sophie enjoying bananas and pancakes for her breakfast!
photo 1 (4)
She ate all but one pancake finger!

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