Cosy Cottage Pie

For the cottage pie, I actually made the portion to serve six purely so that I could freeze the leftovers into Sophie-sized portions and use for the week for dinners. If I’m honest, I think that the use of vegetable stock instead of a beef gravy made it quite sloppy, and I could really taste the cinnamon on the meat. I didn’t like the cinnamon but I have to keep in mind that for children, it would be a sweeter meal. So for me, I would take out the cinnamon and swap the stock. However, I would have also kept the stock in favour of pork mince instead which is softer! Anyway, I hope you like this, Sophie definitely did! Enjoy!

photo 5 (2)
The Method!
photo 1 (5)
The ingredients!
photo 2 (5)
All the ingredients together. So many different veggies go into this meal!
photo 4 (3)
Peel, chop and boil the potatoes
photo 5 (3)
Chop the tomatoes and onion (I only used half, not the whole onion as the recipe suggests) and peel and chop the carrot and sweet potato
photo 1 (6)
Brown off the mince and onions, and sprinkle in the cinnamon
photo 2 (6)
Boil the carrot and sweet potato and once drained, coarsely mash
photo 3 (4)
Add the stock and the tomato to the mince and onion and simmer for five mins
photo 4 (4)
Stir in the sweet potato and carrot mash, and cook for five mins
photo 5 (4)
Stir the peas in while it’s on the hob, and pour into an oven proof dish.
photo 1 (7)
Top with mash potatoes and put in the oven for 30 mins. I didn’t take an after shot…because we ate it…!
photo 2 (7)
Sophie’s mashed down portion!
Sophie really enjoyed the pie and chocolate mousse shared with Daddy for afters. Not sure it works as a shampoo though!


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