Clever Tomato Sauce

I was a bit bored today so I decided as I had bought all the veggies required, I would make the clever tomato sauce in the Ella’s Cookbook. I have to say I will never ever buy another pasta sauce again. This recipe was ridiculously cheap to make and makes a huge amount of sauce. I tasted it as I went and I was blown away. This sauce can be used cold with chips, you can leave it a little chunky for a good salsa with Doritos, or just stir in to some pasta. I’ve sectioned and frozen 8 small portions to use for Sophie with pasta for lunch in the week and another larger box for my bolognese. Enjoy!

photo 1 (8)
How to! Very easy and very tasty
photo 2 (8)
photo 3 (5)
Dice the carrot, squash and tomatoes. Boil the squash, carrot and peas until tender and drain. Add the baked beans and stir well before using a hand mixer. Or in my case, my chopper, which worked just as well!
photo 1 (9)
My awesome mini chopper (£8 in Asda brand new). I don’t have a hand blender but it worked just as well
photo 5 (5)
This is the peas, beans, carrot and squash blended up. Looks like baby poop but tastes amazing!
photo 2 (9)
Return the mix to the pan, low heat and add the fresh and chopped tomatoes. Keep them on the heat until the tomatoes are softened.
photo 3 (6)
Using a blender (hand or otherwise) pour the new mix in and blend until smooth. Et Voila! You have an amazing sauce!


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