Weetabix On the Go Breakfast Biscuits

This morning, I received a package from Weetabix for their new On the Go biscuits. I love Weetabix with milk and sugar, so getting the chance to try these new flavours is actually fantastic for me! They’re described as being rich in wholegrain and fibre, with less fat, sugar, and salt than the average breakfast biscuit

The sale of breakfast biscuits are on the up at the moment – 8 million Brits skip breakfast every single day and it’s something that just doesn’t shock me! Everything is moving faster in this world, and food for convenience is becoming more and more popular. People are working faster and longer, walking faster, technology is quicker – why not have food faster? The trouble with this is that food isn’t usually photo 1 (1)nutritionally good for you if it’s convenient, but not everyone has time to make a healthy breakfast in the morning, especially when the lure of ten more minutes in bed is so much more appealing. I’m guilty for it, sometimes I whack down a quick bowl of cereal, other times I’m just not hungry until later where I’ll suddenly be starving hungry and bolt down junk food – which is never ever a good thing to do!

There are five individual packs inside the box, each with four biscuits. Each portion of the Weetabix On the Go breakfast biscuits is protected by being packaged within it’s own plastic tray. I was so pleased to see this, considering the number of times I’ve lost biscuits and cereal bars to the mess inside my handbag…

The biscuits themselves have a distinctive appearance with their Weetabix logo and golden colour. I have two flavours of the Weetabix On the Go biscuits I enlisted the help of Husband for this one, as it is nice to get the opinion of someone who is most definitely on the go all the time!



weetApple with a hint of Cinnamon: 220kcals per 4 biscuits

Husband Says: I really like the flavours that I can taste – they really mean it when they say a ‘hint’ of cinnamon. I find these quite dry. The box says to have with a cup of tea but it defeats the object a little in that they are ‘on the go’. Definitely couldn’t eat these without a drink! – 6/10 – Would not buy again

Mama Says: I’m not usually a fan of cinnamon with apples but I find these pretty moreish. I agree they’re dry and eating on the go would need a bottle of drink with them. I love the handy little plastic tray though, and I do think four would be enough. – 7/10 – Would buy again

images (2)Fruit and Fibre: 219kcals per 4 biscuits

Husband Says: I like this flavour and not as dry as the apple flavour ones. I’m not normally a fan of dried fruit as a flavour but these were quite tasty. It tastes more fruity and I like that. – 7/10 – Would buy again

Mama Says: These biscuits are darker than the apple ones and I love these. I’m a huge fan of raisins and dried fruit and the fruit really burst through on these! Now, where are the rest..? – 9/10 – Would buy again





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