Ella’s Kitchen – Snacks

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Snacks by Ella’s Kitchen

Milk-Cookies1Yum Yummy Milk and Vanilla Cookies: 100% whole milk yoghurt, 20% real fruit + a squeeze of agave nectar, with nothing else added

Sophie Says: Mmm these are very nice. They kept me busy in the trolley while Mummy was shopping today. They melted but my new tooth made it easy to break! More please! – Brilliant snack, melted easily in the mouth and no gagging. Perfect for getting used to finger foods.



Raspberry and Vanilla Puffits: 100% scrummy melt in the mouth raspberry + vanilla multigrain cereal snacks – firm enough for littleEK190_Puffits_Rasp-PNG-smaller-to-left-V3-553x450 fingers to hold, yet soft enough to melt in little mouths.

Sophie Says: These are so little but so crunchy! I really like that I can mush them up. Yes please! – We tried these at 7 months but found them too small for that age. Trying them again now at 10 months and they’re perfect for her!


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