Ella’s Kitchen – Little BIG Meals

Chicken-curry-mainCreamy Coconutty Chicken Curry : 100% fruit, vegetables, chicken + rice, with a sprinkle of spice. Made from a mix of just organic hearty food and bursting with 5 different fruit + veggies

Sophie Says: YUCCCCK MUMMY!!! It’s  much too saucy and I can’t eat this! – Very saucy dish, says for toddlers, but barely anything solid in them! I had a taste, very very bland with no flavour! 0/10



Wouldn’t even touch the Beef Stew! Sorry Ella’s, massive thumbs down here. These meals would be good for when a child can use a spoon, but i would personally add rice or pasta as well. It doesn’t taste very nice to me either. Sophie likes to use her hands and she couldn’t pick anything up from this, too small!


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