Ella’s Kitchen – Baby Brekkie

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Baby Brekkie:

Baby-brekkie-bananaBanana Baby Brekkie: 100% mix of banana, yoghurt + rice.

Sophie Says: Ohhh mmmmm this is yummy in my tummy! MORE! – Sophie loves this, as she loves her bananas. I don’t love it too much because it constipates her for DAYS. 8/10

Mango Baby Brekkie: 100% mix of mango, yoghurt + riceBaby-brekkie-mango

Sophie Says: Yuck yuck yuck. Mummy, you KNOW I don’t like mangoes, stop feeding them to me! – Not a good reaction. Sophie booted the bowl out of my hand and wore this instead 0/10

Baby-brekkie-blueberryBlueberry and Pear Baby Brekkie: 100% mix of blueberries, yoghurt + rice.

Sophie Says: I really, really, REALLY love blueberries. Do you have any more? I’ll help you feed me? – A whole pouch gone and cried for more! Loved it! 10/10

Raisin and Prune Baby Brekkie: 100% mix of raisins, prunes, yoghurt + riceBaby-brekkie-raisin

Sophie Says: This is delicious. I really like the prunes. AND they help me poop! – Another brilliant result. I was not a fan of the resulting nappy! 10/10




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