Asda Little Angels Nappies – Newborn – Size 3

Asda Little Angels’ Nappies Size 3

30563We started Sophie off on the Asda Little Angels range when she was born as they were great value at £3.19 for 44 nappies in sizes 1 and 2. The yellow packs of nappies were great, no leaks and were comfy for her. The nappies were the right size for my little Chubbers and the price was the right size for my wallet. However, when Sophie got a bit bigger and hit size 3, we encountered a problem! The yellow pack of size 3 nappies were 30 to a pack and still the same price! So I lost out on 14 nappies – which in Sophie land, is 3 days worth! I complained to Asda customer support and I even went in store, but no one could give me a straight answer as to why the packs had less nappies but not a smaller price.

Anyway, we decided to get the blue/green Little Angels Comfort Dry size 3s instead – 56 nappies for £5.67. We decided that even though 200063we still weren’t getting anywhere near the value for money as the sizes 1 and 2, we liked the Little Angels range and wanted to stick by it. The Comfort Dry nappies LEAKED! Every nappy had her onesies soaked through even after an hour. They were like Huggies – which were rubbish! I went and complained, thinking it was maybe a faulty pack, so got an exchange and nope, leaked through again.

Sophie is now a ‘Pampered’ baby – Pampers size 3 have been fantastic. Sorry Asda, much as I worship you, I will not recommend your nappies!


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