Teagan’s Story

We were really lucky when Teagan was a baby and right from the word go she only got up twice in the night and usually after a feed at 7am she’d sleep until 10am which was perfect – I honestly never had the sleep deprivation when she was a newborn! Between me and my OH we managed perfect – we either took it in turns to do nights, or we did the night in ‘shifts’.

Every Saturday I had a lie in whilst OH got up with her, I was so lucky! When she was about 4 months old she only woke once in the night. Great, I thought, she’s going to be sleeping through soon! Oh how wrong I was.. When Teagan was 6 months old she refused to sleep, and she was up the whole night every night. I had a feeling that something wasn’t right but kept putting it down to teething as that had caused a few sleepless nights in the past. It wasn’t until she woke one night burning up that we realised something was really wrong and she ended up in hospital on a drip for 2 nights with tonsilitis! After that it took weeks before Teagan slept at night again.

Even when she was totally better sleep was still our biggest battle. I struggled more with lack of sleep than I had done when she was a newborn. We finally cracked it at 10 months old. She finally started sleeping through most of the time! Yes, we still have the occasional bad night, mainly when a tooth is going to come through, but most of the time she is good. She sleeps 6pm until 6am. I’d prefer if she did a 7-7 but even if she goes to bed late she’s still up at 6 the next day! I can’t complain though


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