Sophie’s Story

From the beginning, Sophie slept in her pram. Not because her cot wasn’t ready, but her cot felt so huge for my tiny girl! I didn’t buy a Moses basket because I had read that they were used for the babies who were born sleeping and I didn’t sleep for a week for nightmares about that. Her pram stayed by my side of the bed, and she napped and slept there until she outgrew it at 18 weeks.

Month 1 (60)

Sophie was a great sleeper to start. She woke every four hours to eat, and at 10 weeks slept her first 7 hour stint. I was onto a winner. Or so I thought. No one, NO ONE told me about wonder weeks or sleep regression. I knew babies got up in the night and there would be some 2am pacing, but the most I had experienced up til 16 weeks was night feeds, winding and laying her down again to babble and drift off. We gave her a dummy every sleep time as she was a comfort sucker and also I knew it was good to reduce the chance of SIDS.

The she hit four months and I died a bit inside. Sophie just cried. And cried. And CRIED. She would be winded, fed, warm, changed and cuddled, but she would not sleep. There were a good few times I burst out crying, had to lay her down and just walk away before I lost my temper. Makes me sound horrible doesn’t it? Sleep deprivation can fuck with your head. At 3am, I woke up and panicked, genuinely panicked, because I thought Sophie had been brought into bed (which was a rarity) and that she had fallen out. Nope, she was in her pram!

Month 4 (62)

We did not want to co-sleep. I know it can be done safely, but I still don’t trust myself. In the year of Sophie’s life, she has come into our bed twice. Both times she was ill and would not sleep unless cuddled. And both times I did not sleep a wink, I was too uncomfortable! Also, I am a very firm believer in that while a baby can change everything in your life, my king size bed was for me and Husband and not a place for Sophie too!

Sophie then began teething and we were back to long nights of pacing. We set up a strict shift system. One of us does put down – 1am, where the other will then take over and do wake up. Then we are guaranteed at least 5-6 hours a night each and we share the wake ups. However there were times where it would get too much on our shift and then the other would help. We have a ‘three in an hour’ rule; if it’s three am, and Sophie is not asleep within three pick ups, the other takes over.

We moved her into her cot at 18 weeks old, which stayed in our room until moving her into her own room at 6 months. Since then, Sophie has been asleep before 6pm every night and wakes between 4-6am. The only times we have a tough night with her, is when new teeth are coming. We had a two week period of night terrors at 8 months, which was a shock and a half! We had been spoiled with sleeping through so we were no longer used to broken sleep. It was a bit horrid to try and get used to, but Sophie settles very well as long as she has her doggy blanket and dummy. Very proud of how good she has been, I worry about Dummysucker 2.0!



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