Poppy’s Story

So im one of the lucky ones that everyone hates haha. Throughout my pregancy I could never sleep and of course all I ever got told was its good practice for when baby arrives but oh were they wrong! We didnt have our first night at the hospital as we were up, out and home within 6 hours!

Our first night came along and I fully expected and prepared to be up ALL night.. I dozed off after just staring for hours. I woke up at 3am and still she was fast asleep I panicked wondering why she hadnt woken for a feed or anything? Gave her a little nudge to make sure she was ok and she grunted at me and back to sleep she went.. this stayed the same until 7am!! It had to be a fluke???

Well nope second night turned out the same! From night two she would wake twice a night sometimes just once until she was 6 weeks old when she started sleeping through every night I was a happy very lucky mummy. Still people would tell me that shes having a growth spurt so she needs more sleep or other excuses if you will call them that but nope. She is now 17 months old and apart from a handful of nights where she has been poorly and literally 2 bad teething spurts she has pretty much slept through from then!

Poppy has been in a routine from 2 weeks old of bath, book, bottle, bed now she is getting older she also has half hours play when she gets out of the bath. She goes to bed between 8-8.30 and wakes up at 7 to get in my bed for a cuddle, then back to sleep til around 8 most mornings


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