Sophie’s Story

Bottlefed Birth – 12months

I will be really honest, I never had any desire to breastfeed. I know, I know, take your gun out and shoot me now! You done? Yay!

Month 1 (17)

Sophie is a formula fed baby. I had lots of reasons why I chose it, the easiest one is that my Husband was worried about bonding and he wanted to feed her too. I didn’t want the palava of pumping, so we decided to formula feed. I was a formula baby so it’s not like I was scared Sophie wouldn’t eat or anything. I was right; the very first bottle she had was after birth, fed by Husband and she downed 4oz on her first feed.

One thing I am very proud of is Sophie never lost an ounce of birth weight! By day five, she had gained three ounces – even the midwife was shocked! Three days after birth my milk came in, and HOLY BOOBIES BATMAN! They were double the size, looked amazing but were so sore I could barely wear a bra. Showering was horrid with the water hitting the edges so I would just sponge wash the top half of my body. It took a week for the milk to go down when my body realised that there wasn’t a hungry baby attached to them. The relief was insane!

Month 9 (61)

We had Sophie on slow flow teats until she was 8 weeks, when we swapped as she was getting very angry that she couldn’t eat fast enough. We did have some trouble at the beginning where she would vomit after every feed, and we initially thought she had reflux or something. Turned out that Sophie liked to comfort suck, and we were overfeeding the poor lamb! That’s where the dummy came in!

She was weaned onto Ella’s Kitchen pouches at 20 weeks old, and then onto full finger foods at 8.5months. Sounds silly to some, but Sophie LOVES fruit and veggies, and I believe that is down to the 4 months of fruit and veg pouches. She now eats 3 meals a day with water and milk, and snacks. Little piggy! Sophie has just today weaned off of growing up milk (she was on this from 9 months) to cows milk. She used to only have 2 bottles of formula a day since 10 months, but now we’ve run out, it’s time to ditch the formula. I can’t say that I hated my feeding journey. I got a lot of night time help because Husband could do bottles too, and Sophie has tripled her birth weight which the health visitor is happy with. I was also lucky enough to have a midwife who accepted my feeding choice without arguing with me!


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