Luke’s Story

Breastfed Birth – Present

This time round I felt confident, I didn’t care what the hell anyone said to me about breast feeding I was going to do this because I wanted to. This was my attitude all throughout my second pregnancy I still got the comments about breast feeding, my own mum even bought me a few bottles and cartons of formula JUST IN CASE, I felt like screaming at her but I never I just informed her of my plan – I never even took the bottles to the hospital because I knew I was going to do this!


After a surprise entrance from my little man at home 4 days early, we went to the hospital by ambulance all the way there I could feel my little man rooting around looking for the nipple so once we arrived at the hospital we had skin to skin, it was amazing he found the nipple all by himself and then latched on first time no problems – he fed for 45 minutes – I was so proud of him.

Luke did exactly what Jamie (my first son) did and due to feeding for such a long time he didn’t want feeding again for 10 hours after this, because this is what Jamie did I began to panic a little bit but soon put a stop to that with my new found breast feeding confidence. In terms of help, advice and support in the hospital with breast feeding nothing had changed no one offered any advice, don’t get me wrong I never asked for any but no one even asked if we were managing with it.

The next few weeks were perfect he fed like a dream and I do believe (without sounding big headed) this was due to me, I didn’t allow myself to worry about how often he was feeding, if he wanted feeding every 30 minutes he could I didn’t mind, another main worry I’ve come across is ” do I have enough milk?” well this time I knew i did because he was content he wasn’t fussy after a fed do I just got on with it. However when Luke was 3 weeks old I noticed a while fur in his mouth I instantly knew it was thrush so off we pop to the doctors where we were prescribed drops for it, these would be for 7 days.


After 7 days i had begun to clear but hadn’t completely gone so off we go again, then again the next week. It had been 3 weeks now and on our 4th visit we were told to “leave” it it will clear on it’s own. By the time Luke was 8 weeks old ( so this had been going on for 5 weeks) his tongue, gums and sides of his mouth were covered. We returned to the doctors for his 6-8 week check and were told again to leave it this time I said no I didn’t want to leave it, so again we were given drops After speaking to a group of amazing mummies (yes girlies you know who you are) I realised that I could be the problem, I could have thrush and could be passing it on to him and vice versa, so 2 days after the 4th doctors visit off we went again. I tried to explain that I feel it was me that was the problem that I thought I had thrush, to which the doctor ignored and and proceeded to tell me that bottlefed babies are prone to thrush and to ensure that I was washing my bottles properly, I tried 3 times to explain that I was breast feeding and 3 times it was ignored, I gave up and on the way out made yet another appointment with another doctor (this would have been the 3rd doctor we saw) for that afternoon – although that was another wasted journey apparently I had mastitis and not thrush.

We put up with this till Luke was 11 weeks old that means we had had this problem now for 8 weeks. Finally we saw a totally different doctor who asked to check my breasts after listening to me and how this had been going on for so long and sure enough I had thrush. It took nearly three weeks to clear up but we are finally clear.

Well 4.5 month on and Luke is still feeding like a pro, in fact I need him to take a bottle due to hospital stays in the future but he will not take it at all I have a boob monster and that’s all he wants, however I now have a boob monster with his first tooth and am getting a little worried about little bites lol


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