Jamie’s Story

Breastfed 0-11 weeks

Formula Fed 11 weeks Onward

I knew as soon as I feel pregnant I wanted to breast feed I wanted the closeness everyone described when feeding your baby (plus a great money saver) you will be surprised by how many people tell you how awful it is and how you won’t like it.

Once Jamie had been born it took me 3 hours to actually hold him when I actually got him he wouldn’t latch, so I told a midwife. After 15 minutes or so another midwife came in explained she was the one to ask if we needed help breast feeding, so I explained he would not latch, I swear she grabbed my breast and shoved Jamie on it ” done” she said and walked out. Jamie fed for over an hour I was happy – we stayed in over night. I offered the breast a few times he refused but I was told by 2 different midwifes that he had fed for so long it’s normal for him to bit feed again for a while then I was discharged.

Feeding at home The first few days were awful, I struggled to get my latch correct so had such sore nipples but by about day 7 he was feeding like a trooper, with the help of a midwife that came out to do his newborn check – she showed me how to hold him correctly although seemed a little annoyed that she had to although the pain stayed for weeks in my nipples

Jamie was born at 9lb 3oz so was a big baby and there just seemed to be no filling him from the age of 1 week to 11 weeks he fed every 1 1/2 to 2 hours during the night was pure torture most nights he fed anywhere every 30 to 1 hour and would stay on for at least 30 mins I was drained.

I always remember 2 trips to the clinic for weigh in’s which i went to every week (more so for the interactions than anything), the first time I was sat in the baby sensory room and was talking to a small group of mums who were asking how often he feeds and how much he takes, I proudly announced that I was breast feeding – I wish I hadn’t as the response was amazing, and not in a good way – one mum replied with something like ” i wouldn’t want a baby hanging off my tit” another one replied “I think it’s kinda sick” my confidence took a massive hit and I became embarrassed about how I fed my child, so began introducing a bottle of expressed breast milk.

The second time I was feeding Jamie in the baby room, as i had timed this clinic wrong i never fed in public! A lady walked in and walked straight back out now i don’t know if she complained but the next minute a staff member in a sure start clinic where they promote breast feeding asked me to stop if i must do that now she would find me a private room – this was the beginning of me thinking I should stop then Jamie was weighed and had only gained 4oz in 2 weeks they seemed concerned, which in turn really concerned me- was there not enough milk was I starving him, I rang my health visitor for advise, Jamie’s now 25 months old I’m still waiting for that phone call back !! this was the final nail in the coffin I decided to stop our breast feeding journey.

I unfortunately have no photos of me feeding Jamie as i wasnt confident enough to get them taking this really upsets me now


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