Cassidy’s Story

Combi-Fed – 3 weeks to One Year


I had no idea how I would feed my LO when she got here, I was interested in breastfeeding, but since I wasn’t really exposed to it I wasn’t sure if it was for me.
But as I got further into the pregnancy, I thought why not maybe I’ll give it a shot and see if its right for me. Although the thought still felt very odd, as I just couldn’t picture that’s what breasts are for LOL!!
As soon as LO was born she took well to it, though I must admit it HURT!! I honestly had no idea it would feed like attaching razors to your very sensitive nips and it was natural. But after a couple of awkward feeds in the hospital it seemed to be going ok. I wish I had gotten more help early on, I only saw the lactation consultant.. once? Maybe twice I can’t remember. I do know the nurses for recovery SUCKED and made me feel like a failure. Getting told you’re starving your baby hurts 😦 I still cannot believe the nurse said that to me.
But I pulled through. LO lost quite a few ounces while in the hospital but I think that was normal, so discharge weight she was down to 5 pounds 4 ounces. The pediatrician seemed nervous so we were told to come back 2 days later for a weight check up.
The 2 days at home. WOW. I had no idea how much my LO would feed for, the comfort feeding was all new to me. Perhaps if I wasn’t so exhausted it woulda been easier. My milk came in the 2nd day I guess…
But I pulled through… her weight check up she had gained just one ounce. So we were told to come back the next week for another check up. Also they were worried about her getting jaundice because apparently she wasn’t feeding enough… ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??!
But I pulled through still exclusively breastfeeding.. it was painful I’m not gonna pretend it isn’t or that it was wonderful. I didn’t feel a bond breast feeding all I felt was exhaustion and wishing I could sleep hahaha.
My mom came to stay with me finally after a few days and it was a lot better! I started pumping which saved me I think. As I could actually sleep for more then 2 hours!!! horray!
But then I got talked into formula by my mom, I actually feel I may have been a little bullied into using it. I really didn’t want to. But after getting told by my mom and hubby that it was the best thing for LO. I agreed. So LO was combi fed from about 3 weeks old til 1 year. I did manage to breast feed for the most part though which I’m proud of. However my supply dropped terribly toward the end when LO would go a day or more without feeding and my body stopped listening to the pump.. so then I decided to give LO her last feed maybe 2 days after she turned 1.
However with the next one I will be putting my foot down and saying NO to formula. Lets just hope my next experience goes smoothly!


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