Brenna’s Story

I must say that when I first had my daughter and I went to feed her for the first time I was pretty impressed with both her and me..I had a great flow of colostrum and she latched on and ate for 10 minutes on either side. She wasn’t overly spitty and she passed her meconium and then started having “normal” baby poops by the time we left the hospital. I got home and the first day went well..then my milk came in. When I say it came in,holy cow did it come!

I was pumping after every single feed about 3-5 ounces off of each breast. My poor girl would aggressively vomit after every single feed, what I can assume was about 1/2 of whatever she took in. She was ALWAYS hungry and she fussed quite a bit. Another strange thing was that she never slept for more than 15 minutes at a time during the day and the nights she would wake frequently to feed as well. I thought maybe my nilk flow was too forceful for her so I tried pumping before feeding so it would be less strong for her and she still vomited. I was so tired one morning and she was tired and hungry, wouldn’t latch on to me out of frustration so i went and got a bottle for her. She ate 2.5 ounces immediately, burped relatively well, had a moderate spit up, but nothing like the breast milk vomits. I was in shock! Then my very alert and nonsleeping baby slept for over an hour that morning!

The decision to switch to bottles and eventually formula after my supply was spent was a good one for us. She continued to have moderate to large spit ups on formula and she also never napped for more than 30 minutes now…something was still up! She would wake crying so hard, her little nose was always stuffy, and she would cough when laying flat. So trip to the doctors it was…turns out my first instinct was right, she had reflux. We got her on medicine and she continued to spit up quite a bit, but was no longer in any pain. She coughed less and ACTUALLY SLEPT during the day. It was a wonderful feeling to have a much happier baby.

So to say the first 9 weeks of her life were easy would definitely not be true..they were hard and breast feeding can be extremely challenging too, especially not knowing your baby is in pain after every feed. We used up my 100 saved ounces of breast milk and moved on to formula feeding, which was perfect for our family-dad got to spend quality time feeding her now too



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