Benjamin’s Story

Breastfed – Birth – 10 Months

While my breastfeeding story is only short, I reckon it is still worth sharing. I was always going to breastfeed – I had no ‘back-up formula’ and hadn’t researched types of bottles and teats. I come from a strong line of breastfeeding women and I didn’t even think about my decision. My mum’s advice stayed with me during the first few feeds – “don’t anticipate any problems and it’ll be fine”. I didn’t have the common attitude of “I’ll give it a go and see” – I just knew I was going to breastfeed.

Thankfully my son was born at full-term and as soon as we were lying down on the bed for cuddles he snuggled in and latched on right away! I was well prepared with Lansinoh lanolin cream and used it religiously before and after every feed, and maybe in between too! We got on great at the hospital, spending most of our time cuddled up and feeding. I decided to feed on demand and it didn’t take long for him to get in to a good pattern of 2-hourly feeds. Some evenings were long with him wanting for feed for hours at a time, and on two occasions I had a high fever and pain in one breast, but just continued to feed as normal and luckily it didn’t develop in to anything serious.

I went back to work at 6 months when he was taking milk every 4 hours, and I got to feed him on my lunch break. After a few weeks he was too busy for the lunch time feed, and had a solid lunch instead. Gradually over the next few months he had more food and less milk and by 9 months he only wanted night feeds.

At 10 months he was too tired to feed last thing at night, and he stopped waking in the middle of the night, and that concluded our breastfeeding journey. While I was sad that he no longer ‘needed’ me, I was happy to have been his comfort for those short few months.


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