Feeding Stories

As my call for birth stories had such an amazing response, a very good friend of mine suggested that I share feeding journeys. It’s a known fact that the poster of ‘breast is best’ is pushed on women every day. However, no one said it was easy!

These are real stories from real women and their feeding journey; those who breastfed successfully, those who combi-fed their babies and those who tried and plain couldn’t.

It’s all here, laid bare for you to read. Go on. Click it!


2 thoughts on “Feeding Stories

  1. Shanna September 2, 2013 / 5:14 pm

    Great idea! I haven’t gotten there in PJ’s story, but feeding is a HUGE part of it. We had help and support, or I would have quit trying to nurse on several occasions. His NICU nurses told me the best piece of advice, which is that instincts are great, but not enough by themselves. Whatever way you feed, help and support are crucial to feeling successful 🙂

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