Westin Charles – 17.08.2013 – 18:16 – 8lbs 5oz (Second Baby!)

Well, let me start off by saying that breast feeding and fertility issues are not a reliable form of birth control . At 5 months past the birth of my first child, I found out I was pregnant with my second. It was easy to be in denial at first. I took a test and it was negative. Phew. I didn’t need another baby, I still had a baby. I had a feeling I was pregnant though.

I had noticed some pain when nursing and my son was becoming fussy at the breast. I had read this was common in early pregnancy. I was also a day late. But I mean come on, what were the chances right? I was breast feeding, we aren’t the most fertile people in the world, we weren’t exactly breaking the bed down 4 months after i had delivered a ten pound baby if you know what I mean, and we weren’t even trying. Ok, so we weren’t using any protection either which I’ll admit now was a little silly, but I really thought breast feeding would cover us. I had only just gotten my period back. 10 minutes after I took the test my husband yelled through the house, what’s it mean if a line shows up after the time frame. Sure enough, we had two lines.

After a week, my tests showed up immediately and dark so we accepted the fact that we were in fact pregnant again. My husband was so excited but ill be 100% honest here, I wasn’t. My first had just started to become difficult and I had become really impatient and irritable (lasted all of 1st trimester). We didn’t even announce it to the world til we were 18 weeks and knew the sex. I did come around though. I gradually got very excited to have another little man in my life. It helped that we got a much bigger house. I will forever be grateful to Westin for that, ha ha.

The pregnancy was harder but mostly because I had a baby/toddler to chase after. It was still what most would consider an easy pregnancy. I was told to expect an even bigger baby this time (10 pounds or more) but he went back and forth on ultrasounds. He measured 3 days behind once and 2 weeks ahead at one point. So it was really a toss up. I was induced at 38+6 because of my blood clotting disorder but also because of some issues with an aging placenta. Labor was absolutely perfect. I was only 2 cm so they gave me a cervical ripening agent. Usually that just makes you more favorable but apparently I was ready to go because it put me in full blown labor and I didn’t even need Pitocin.

3 hrs after the Cytotec I was 4 cm so they broke my water. I spent most of my labor on the birthing ball minus the first hour that I had to lay down to let the Cytotec absorb. My husband was a great labor partner. We watched some shows on the IPad, ate Dum Dum suckers, and he got me through every contraction. This labor was different than my first because it was more my body doing it rather than artificial labor from Pitocin so my contractions were slightly more bearable.

The contractions got really intense but the pain built up more rather than just being consistently strong. I also had a good chunk of time in between them up until about 7 cm so that made it a lot better too. When they checked me at 7 cm I was ready for an epidural. I thought I would attempt a natural childbirth if I didn’t need Pitocin but for some reason that day the thought never really entered my head. I knew I wanted an epidural. Unlike my first labor, the anesthesiologist got there in 20 mins rather than 1.5 hrs. That was nice. Getting the epidural was the worst parts of my labor. I dont know why but they dont let your husband stay during the process and i hate that. i dont like feeling alone but i did have a great nurse who helped me through it.

The anesthesiologist wasn’t the most pleasant of people and he was pretty rough and grumpy with me. My contractions were coming really close together and I felt like I needed to stop him every time I got one but they wouldn’t let me. After it was in though I sure was glad I got it. Fabulous!!! I really shouldn’t have done it though because by they time I got it I was 8 cm and not even an hour later I was 10. I could’ve done it, but honestly I am glad I got it because it made the whole rest of the labor pleasant again. I kept telling them I didn’t want it very strong but they must have thought I was a big baby whining through my contractions because that sucker numbed me completely, much more so than with my first.

I made them turn it down shortly after getting it so it could wear off enough for me to feel to push. That didnt work fast enough because when I was physically ready to push, I couldn’t even feel the urge, so we waited. It only took about 30 minutes and I was ready. I pushed with the nurse through about 3 contractions and she said “I think I’ll go get the Dr.” You seriously couldn’t have knocked me over with a feather. It was the most shocked I’d ever been. It took me 2.5 hrs before they went to get the dr. With my first and that wasn’t because I was ready to deliver, it was because I begged them. 4 contractions of pushing with the dr. And I heard her say “look down, he’s trying to cry”. This was the second most shocked I’ve ever been in my whole life.

His head was already out. I didn’t even have to push again and he was in my arms. The first thing unsaid was that it was the easiest thing I’d ever done. It was the exact birth experience I wanted. Perfect in every way. I didn’t even break a sweat. When they took him to clean him up they weighed him and he was only 8lbs 5 oz. small for me. No wonder it was so easy. They brought my son to me and I laid him on my chest . He was breathing really heavy and grunting but they told me it just takes some babies a few minutes to adjust. 30 minutes later he was still doing it so they took his blood oxygen level. This is where my picture perfect experience turned into a nightmare. His level was low so they took him off my chest and straight to the intensive care nursery.


No one could give me updates on him and I wasn’t aloud to visit yet. Worst time of my life. Westin was in respiratory distress. He ended up having pneumonia and we aren’t sure why. I had none of the risk factors. We figure he aspirated some fluid during delivery. He was put on oxygen, I’ve antibiotics, a heart monitor, a respiration monitor, and an oxygen monitor. He wasnt aloud any food for 2 days and i was worried it would affect my milk and his nursing but it didn’t. All of that worked out great. We spent a week in the intensive care nursery before we finally were aloud to come home. We haven’t looked back since though. Such a rough start has made me really appreciate being home and calm with him. There is nothing like having a sick baby to make you appreciate a healthy one.

**Brother to Coen Robert**


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