Valentino Anthony – 15.02.2013 – 00:22 – 6lb 10.5oz (Second Baby!)

I was 37w 4d pregnant when they decided they would like to induce me. So it was planned and I went in on a Tuesday at 7.30am. I was given the 24 hour removable method of induction at 10am, but my labour started so quickly they were worried I would be too tired and might also cause some complications. So it was removed after about 5 hours and I was given Wednesday to rest. Thursday they put in the 6 hour pessary at 2pm which took effect almost instantly! I got to 2.5cm really quickly and they broke my waters for me. At 5pm I was taken into the labour unit as I was 3cm and in established labour.

Then it started getting tough. I was given the drip to make sure my contractions would carry on coming nice and frequently and I took them up on the offer of gas & air right away! A couple of hours went on and I felt the urge to push. When they examined me I was only 7cm and warned me I was heading for trouble and tiredness if I try pushing now. So I resisted all I could. My OH was terrific, he didn’t leave my side and was there with drinks and snacks and a hand to grab.

At 11pm I was starting to feel different. I could feel the baby’s head right there and the contractions were coming thick and fast. I got into a good position on the bed laying on my back, and started my hour long push. After that hour I was exhausted, I politely told them I’m not doing it any more. My midwife laughed and told me she could see a full head of hair…that was all I needed to hear, I want to see my baby!

So with all my might I pushed. They told me I needed to push a little harder and POP the head was out. With the next contraction my baby was born, a little boy! We decided to name him Valentino as we THOUGHT he would be born on Valentine’s Day. But he waited until 22 minutes the next day (cheeky monkey) I needed a few stitches (about 12) as id got a 2nd degree tear from my son thinking he was superman! But thank goodness I’m all better now.


I spent the morning with him in hospital, but didn’t really sleep. I practised breast feeding a lot and we got the hang of it nicely. I then told them that I’d like to go home as id been in since Tuesday (4 days!) and quite frankly I hate hospital, it’s for ill people…

All of his tests were done, he was a little jaundice but everything else was great so we went home.




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