Tyler Lawrence – 04.05.2012 – 07:33 – 10lb 6oz (First Baby!)

Tuesday (May 1st, 2012) I went to see the doctor, since I was 41 weeks, she said I had two choices, wait another week out and see if I go into labor, or we could start inducing with gels that day. I elected to try for gels, she checked with her hand to see how big she thought he was and her guess was 8lbs .. I thought “oh, I don’t know if I can do an 8lb baby, but I suppose I can try..” .. So I got in got the gel and immediately was contracting off of just one every 1.5 minutes, to an extent that it made me cry, but the plan was to go home that night so no juice for me Tuesday. I went home at 9pm and was still contracting off of that one gel… Went to sleep woke up on Wednesday and was scheduled to go back for more gel and to spend the night on Wednesday.

So I went in at 3 PM as planned, I got the gel and this time no contractions from it.. so I ended up getting all 3 rounds planned. Originally pitocin was supposed to start Thursday morning 5am… but since I got through my gels they decided to do PIT the same night, within 11 minutes, Tyler’s heart rate dropped. The nurse ran in and asked Mitch to hit the call button for another nurse, one was messing with his heart sensor and jabbing it into my stomach as the other one put the oxygen mask on me .. I was so terrified I was crying my eyes out and Mitch was also terrified. My mom and his mom ran up and started trying to make me feel better, i moved onto my side and then breathed into my mask for about 20 minutes and he stabilized. I got a shot to stop ALL contracting and then was told we’d see what Dr. Scholten wanted to do. They tried to get her to come in and c-sec that night but she said the drop wasn’t that bad and he’s stable so we’re going to stay the course. So PIT started back up on Thursday morning as originally planned, her guess was he was laying on his cord .. So she didn’t seem concerned. I went from 1-28 on the pitocin dosage, I was contracting well and baby Tyler wasn’t having that reaction that he had the day before…. until the nurse checked my cervix and poked his head, all the sudden his heart rate dropped again, I got the oxygen and was calm at this point.. By this time I’d gotten the epidural because the pain from the pitosin induced contractions was really bad.

Thursday night I slept through most of my contractions, I woke up feeling pressure and like its time to push so I called the nurse in, she said I Was 100% effaced and 9.5 as far as dilation but there was a “lip” she couldn’t reach around to touch the baby. Now I believe that was because the baby’s head was bigger than they thought..

Dr . Scholten came in at 6am Friday (May 4) and I had no progress further and I got a bad infection in my uterus resulting in a highhhh fever (105 temp) .. I was put on antibiotics from then until the night before I got sent home (May 7th was going home day) for that. so she decided it was time for a c-sec, after 3 days of labor contractions / inductions.

I cried my eyeballs out and felt like a failure.

I complied and went to the room and Mitch came too, he actually watched. Baby Tyler was extracted from the sunroof and all I could feel was touch pressure and wiggles but no pain. He cried immediately, which in turn made me cry.

They commented on his size and Dr. Scholten said she obviously made the right call (Though an ultrasound at 40 weeks could have helped… but whatever) … Dropped him on the scale and hes 10lbs 6 oz and 22.5 inches long. My gentle giant, was worth all of it!



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