Taylor Elysia Kim – 03.02.2012 – 13:55 – 8lb 13oz (First Baby!)

I was at home feeling really grumpy. I was two days overdue and thought I would have a nice hot bath to relax me. It was 10 pm and I started having a few niggles but put that down to the hot bath. I got dressed into my comfy clothes ready to watch some telly and wait for my mum to come home from work at mid night (and to watch road wars as I had an obsession with it haha)

It came to 11.30pm I realised I was in fact in labour and started to panic. More so because it was my first child and I was doing it alone. I called mum at 12.20am as she should have got in by then and she said she was outside as she had just parked the car. She came in and I said I wanted to wait till roadwars had finished so we timed and waited and when 2am had come and it had finished I went up to the hospital. I got checked and was only 2cm but they kept me in due to a back condition. I had planned an epidural and at 3am I was finally 3cms but still had to wait till 8am till the guy could come and do it!21946_105035256189768_7075157_n

Had gas and air and was sick.. Had paracetamol.. And was sick. Decided I was much more comfortable sat on the loo and they told me I had to come back on the bed to be checked. I told them if I move I will faint. Sure enough they made me move and I passed out!

8am arrived and they gave me my epidural and I felt so much better. My mum reminds me all the time about me trying to read and telling her “the words are moving”! Then at 11am on the 3rd Feb 2010 it was time to push! At 1.55pm my beautiful daughter was born.

*Sister to Molly*21946_105035296189764_7966551_n


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