Skye Elizabeth – 07.02.2012 – 11:54 – 7lb 7.5oz (Second Baby!)

My due date was 19th February. I knew from the moment I was pregnant that I was going to choose to have an elective caesarean this time around. I simply didn’t feel like my body knew what to do during labour and I didn’t want to risk going through what had happened previously. So at my scheduled consultant appointment we decided on a caesarean and booked it for 8th February.
I had my pre op appointment at 2pm on Monday 6th February which all went fine. Then at the end the registrar said ‘great, well we will see you back here tomorrow. If you could be here for 9am that would be great’ – both me and Rich looked at each other and said ‘we thought it was scheduled for the 8th not the 7th’. She double checked but said no, I was booked for tomorrow. On the way home Rich had to do some phoning around as he had had work appointments booked in for 7th believing he’d be at work. We also had to arrange childcare for Summer.
It was quite exciting though having it all brought forward a day though. That night Rich’s mum came up to stay so she could take care of Summer while we were at hospital. I had been given 2 pills to take. One that night and one the next morning. Im not sure what they were for but I took them as instructed.
I hardly slept at all for excitement that night and was up at 6am to spend a little bit of time with Summer and make sure we had everything we needed.
We arrived at the hospital at just after 9am. We were taken to antenatal and I had my blood pressure taken and my wedding rings taped up ready for surgery. I was told I was 4th on the list for the day and would be around 3pm.
We were taken up to a delivery suite at 10.30am and I was given a gown to change into and Rich was given his scrubs. We were thinking it was all a bit early seeing as we wouldn’t be going in until later that afternoon, but then the anaesthetist came in and explained we were going to be next in theatre! She ran through what would happen, checked the details on my hospital band were correct and had me sign one more consent form.
We walked into theatre together hand in hand at 11.18am. Everything was so much more relaxed than it had been when I’d had my emergency c section.
I was sat up on a bed with my feet on a stool and given the anaesthesia  then the spinal block. Rich held my hand the whole time. I had the drip put in hand but this time it didn’t make me shiver. I was led back on the operating table which they tilted to the left which made me feel like I was going to fall off.  They did the ice cube test on my stomach to check I was numb. They let me touch my own stomach to believe I was numb. They inserted a Catheter.
The First incision made at 11.49am and they wrote it on a whiteboard on the wall.
Skye was born at 11.54am weighing 7lb 7.5oz.  She cried before she was out of me then weed on the surgeon. The curtain was lowered so we could get a photo of her still attached to me. She was checked over and had her apgar test, wrapped up then handed to rich before being placed on me. The midwife took some  more photos for us.
We were wheeled out of theatre and into recovery at 12.20pm. I had Skye in my arms the whole time doing skin to skin. I was given my first injection of fragmin into my stomach. They put horrible socks on me.
Skye had been breastfeeding from when we were still in theatre and was still feeding when we got to recovery. She carried on feeding for an hour. Just before we were wheeled up to the ward we dressed Skye in a vest and babygrow.
We were taken up to the ward at 2pm ish.
Mum, dad, Summer, and Rich’s parents visited at 6-7pm. I had a lot of feeling back in my legs by now. I still wasn’t allowed to eat anything or drink anything but water. But finally allowed some toast at about 10pm!
I had my Catheter removed at 6.00am on 8th February and got up to use the toilet at about 10am.
Discharged from hospital at 1pm on 8th February!
**Sister to Summer Ellen!**

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