Robyn Summer – 04.08.2009 – 15:35 – 7lb 12oz (First Baby!)

So I was 11 days overdue with Robyn, and was booked in to be induced the following day – and had been going through turmoil thinking I was going to be induced. I was woken up at 8:30am with contractions; I couldn’t sleep so I got up and tried to side track myself. Started timing them and they were about 10 minutes apart, but rapidly they got to around 7 minutes. I phoned my midwife and asked them what to do was told to have a bath, take paracetamol and try to relax. Ran myself a bath and there I stayed for the next few hours. (After waking my Daniel and getting him to time my contractions! – I just couldn’t concentrate anymore!) Phoned my mum and let her know that things were happening and she reassured me.

So.. got to about 11ish, and my contractions were coming in every 2 minutes or so. Phoned my midwife again and she told us to make our way in as soon as we could. Got to the midwife centre and got taken through into the labour room where they checked my blood pressure, pulse, position of baby, and then how dilated I was. Turned out I was 4cm already! Brilliant, but it terrified me!!!

The midwife filled the birthing pool up for me, and I got straight in. (Sooo glad as I thought I was going to have to be induced and not get the pool!) I was in there going through contractions for hours, though it really didn’t feel like it. Was just my other half and one midwife in the room with me, and they were complete angels! I honestly couldn’t have done it without them! I stayed in the pool, chatting in between my contractions and attempting to swallow sweets that my Daniel was shoving in my mouth before another contraction hit…Oh yeah by this point I’d accepted the gas and air, it wasn’t doing a whole lot, but it as a godsend for helping to keep my mind focused on breathing instead of feeling the pain. I was going through one contraction when the tank ran out, I was screaming and my poor Daniel was running around the midwife centre trying to find another tank..then around 2:45pm-ish part of the sack with my waters in came out intact (LOVELY!) It was extremely weird.. I could see it between my legs, and feel it.. Too much info perhaps!

So yes.. after a few more contractions passed my pushing managed to burst the sack at around 3:10pm, only to find that my little madam had done a big poo inside me. At this point my midwife told me I’d need to get out of the pool to deliver her, at which point I cried my eyes out and said I didn’t want to, but I didn’t really have much choice.. after all the pool wasn’t very hygienic now.

The last 20 minutes or so I spent on all fours on the bed, squeezing the life out of Daniel’s hand, and using the gas and air. Then my little girl started making an appearance (ouch!) I was terrified of having stitches so I did exactly as I was told by the midwife, pushing and holding it when she said. And a few contractions later, out popped my little madam, perfect – 3:35pm. (No stitches either WOOP! Though I did have a small tear, which I begged the midwives to tell me didn’t needed stitches. This later got infected unfortunately but cleared up with anti biotics)


After I’d managed to work out how to turn round to get seated (from the all fours position) without getting tangled in the umbilical cord, my little girl was placed on my chest. It was the most incredible moment of my life and I’ll always remember it.

Delivered the placenta naturally about an hour and 10 after Robyn was born, whilst watching Daniel sing/hum ‘the snowman’ song to our screaming daughter; Then a well earned cup of tea!


**Sister of Logan and Erin!**


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