Oliver George – 11.04.2012 – 09:58 – 7lb 10.5oz (First Baby!)

I woke up at around 05.30 feeling a bit off, went to the toilet then got back into bed but couldn’t sleep. I lay awake just thinking for a while and began to feel what I thought were Braxton hicks; they didn’t really hurt so I thought nothing of it. I got up again about 07.00 and from then on the Braxton’s began to really hurt, and started coming every 3-4 minutes. I felt like screaming in pain and my other half woke up to find me rocking on the bed crying my eyes out because it hurt so badly. I tried taking paracetamol and then got in the bath. My contractions were still 3-4 minutes apart but lasting for about a minute so MY OTHER HALF rang his mum who came round look after his other son.

Suddenly when I was in the bath about 08.30 I felt a pop and water gush out, it had like green snot in it so I shouted for Dan and he came up, told him my waters had broken so he rushed off to get his son fed and dressed. By this time his mum had arrived and she rang the labour ward who told us not to rush. She got his son in the car ready to go to the hospital and I went and got dressed. By this point I was screaming I was in that much pain, I just constantly felt like I needed to poo. It took me about half an hour to get down the stairs because my contractions were coming that fast and lasting that long. I just remember moaning at Dan not to rush me and that I would get down the stairs when I wanted to and only then. We got into the car and was trying my hardest not to scream because I didn’t want to scare his little boy, who I’m quite glad was there, more for the comedy value. He just kept asking if baby was coming out of my bum!

We got to the hospital about 09.10 and we made our way up to the midwifery led unit, me screaming most of the way. Got to the lifts as it is on the top floor to find they were all out of order. So, we set off up the stairs, I was running up in between contractions. Made it to the top and several people looked slightly traumatised at the state I was in. I was telling Dan to fuck off and that I couldn’t do it. I honestly thought I was dying. By this time it was about 09.25 and we got to the unit, they got me into the nearest room and I shouted that I needed the toilet. I sat down and then got the urge to push; I’ve honestly never felt anything like it! The midwife told me to get off the toilet, I refused saying I was perfectly happy where I was. She then shouted at me that I’d have baby down the toilet if I wasn’t careful so her and another midwife grabbed me by the arms and pulled me onto the floor, where I proceeded to poo into her hand. Well, I did warn her! It all goes a bit hazy here as the two of them dragged me onto the bed; she said she would examine me then ran off to get another midwife.

First photo
First photo

I got given gas and air as I was screaming and crying uncontrollably then she examined me and told me I could push when I felt the urge; she was really good, I was more biting through the tube than inhaling the gas as it made me feel sick. I was telling everyone that I hated them and I couldn’t get the baby out. After 3 pushes his head was out and she whispered to the other midwife to get the paediatric doctor, I knew that this was bad so started crying my eyes out asking what was wrong with my baby, telling her I knew what she was talking about and she couldn’t lie to me.

Another two pushes later and at 09.58 Oliver was out, he didn’t cry straight away and she mentioned meconium so by this point I was screaming and crying more than when I was in labour, Dan was trying to tell me Oliver was fine but I wasn’t having any of it. Dan cut his cord in a rush and then they ran off with him, I heard a cry and they came running back with him. The paediatric doctor checked him over, told me he had ingested meconium so I would have to stay in to have him observed but that everything was fine! So all in all from beginning to end I was in labour 2 hours and 58 minutes, and gave birth 28 minutes after getting to the ward! All the midwifes have said that I’ll have to consider a home birth next time

When we got home!
When we got home!

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