Molly Rae Hazel – 08.08.2012 – 01:27 – 7lb 3oz (Second Baby!)

Molly is my second child (sister of Taylor Elysia) and I thought I would “just know” when I was in labour. But nope! On the 7th August (my due date) I posted a Facebook status saying ” no signs yet” I was suppose to take my eldest Taylor for a hospital admission the day before (just observations due to chronic constipation) but she came down with a bug so we decided to cancel it and book her in when she felt better.

Anyway on the 7th I ended up in an argument with some silly little girl who thought she was the bees’ knees and at about 6pm I felt a pain in my lower stomach but it was constant so thought nothing of it. My fiancé Steve came home I went off to the toilet to discover I was having my bloody show. That was it then.

My contractions started yet I told Steve to bugger off to his mates as I would have a while. Come 9pm I told him to come get me. We took Taylor to her Aunty Ambers and went and got checked in to the hospital. They checked me and I was 2cms so technically not in labour. I then about 10.30 heard my mum arrived and she helped me have a bath and chatted. I wanted her there as she was there for Taylor. I got out and told mum I felt like I needed to push.


Those who have pushed a baby out will understand when you need to push YOU NEED TO PUSH! This was at 1.10am on the 8th August, nurses checked me… still only 2cms… “Sorry Miss Le Cheminant your still not in active labour” the midwife went off and was half way to the desk when I screamed at my mum “GET ME A F**KING MIDWIFE!” They came down and went to check me and my waters had gone. She then said I could push as in a matter of 4 mins I had dilated fully! After a few pushes Molly Rae Hazel was born a tiny 7lbs 3oz (they told me at all my scans I was having a 10lb er!). She was born at 1.27am so technically I was only in active labour 7 mins! Crazy! Molly is the completion of our little family.

*Sister to Taylor*533179_514891498537473_891120928_n


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