Luke – 09.04.2013 – 12:52 – 8lb (Second Baby!)

I was due on the 13.04.13 but woke up on the 09.04.13 and felt “odd” I didn’t have any pains I just felt like that day was the day. By God was I right

Michael went to work at 7am and Jamie and I set about our day at about 8:30 I decided to go and clean our bedroom just in case the new arrival arrived that day do they were sleeping in a nice clean room at 9:00am I began getting contractions.

If I’m honest I thought they may have been Braxton hicks to begin with so carried on plodding along cleaning with Jamie at my side helping, I began to time them at about 9:15am they were about 5 mins apart but only lasting from 15-30 seconds, so I called my mam to come and collect Jamie “just in case”, I text OH and pre warned him that something could be happening but not to get too excited.

Mum didn’t arrive till 10:15 at which point they were 4 1/2 mins apart and lasting 30 seconds, once Jamie was gone I ran myself a nice bath and called the maternity assessment unit for some advice ” don’t come in unless u get 4 or 5 contractions in 10 minutes or you can’t stand the pain” at this point I thought I had ages to go. Other half called at 11:20 to see how I was but there had been no change in times or lengths however whilst on the phone I had a contraction which was a little more intense so he decided to come home, since I had had nothing to eat I asked him to pop to asda to pick me up a sandwich as it was going to be a long day.

At 12:35 OH walked in the door to me on all fours on the living room floor naked mud contraction they had reached 3 mins apart at this point OH decided we were going to the hospital – you see my OH has a fear of something going wrong and us having no medical help I’d he had been at home I’d of been marched up the hospital at 9am just in case lol- as I stood up a massive contraction hit which hit me by surprise and I had to sit down on the sofa at that my waters broke and then it was all go go go!!!!

12:45 other half was trying his hardest to get me off the sofa to hospital but I couldn’t move I was getting contraction after contraction he kept asking please can we go to which I replied that I couldn’t do this meaning get up off the sofa he thought I meant labour so right on cue came all the encouragement to which I screamed “I mean I can’t get off the fu£&@ng sofa” We had to call an ambulance as I was adamant the baby was coming, I calmly whispered to other half that I had a little problem then screamed ” I need to fu#%@ng push” they were called at 11:48am

The emergency operator talked other half through what was going on and asked if he could see the head as he was saying it I pushed and out popped the head at 12:51 followed by another massive push which delivered my little boy at 12:52 on our sofa by his daddy

Daddy did an amazing job delivering his son, and I’m now so glad he came home when he did I was warned 2nd labours are quicker but by God I didn’t expect that quick!

**Brother to Jamie**


Jamie (other birth story) meeting his little brother Luke!
Jamie (other birth story) meeting his little brother Luke!

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