Logan Oscar – 22.01.2011 – 11:10 – 7lb 7oz (Second Baby!)

I’d been having lots of BH contractions for a few days, but no sign of my mucus plug, so didn’t expect to be going into labour bang on my due date! But at 6.45am on the morning of the 22nd January, after tossing and turning and being up and down to the loo for a couple of hours, I realised I was in labour. I got out of bed, woke Daniel briefly and said to him ‘Pre warning you, you might need to get up soon. Think this is it.’ After a little confusion, he realised what the hell I was on about, and I went downstairs.

Started timing my contractions at 7.30am and they were about 6 minutes apart, lasting a minute and a half each. So tried to get myself some breakfast inside me, which was no easy matter, and so I ended up having to wake Daniel up and get him to get me some breakfast as I was in too much pain by this point to be standing up. I rang the midwife centre and told her I was in labour, and that they were now 5 minutes apart. She said it was up to me whether I came in now or waited an hour before phoning them back and letting them know how I was getting on. So I decided I would ring them back in an hour as the contractions were bearable.

Well that was a mistake! 15 minutes later I was in SO much pain, I told Daniel to ring the midwives back and tell them they had got loads worse and down to 3 minutes apart, and we were headed in. Called up my parents and my dad came and sat at ours for Robyn to wake up and then would look after her. We were on the way to the midwife centre by 8.45am. Got to the midwife centre just before 9am, terrified I wouldn’t make it to the door because they were coming so fast by this time. Went in and we were showed straight to a room. My contractions were now coming thick and fast and I was given gas and air and they checked how dilated I was. Turns out I was already SIX cm!! (I was only 4cm when I went in with my daughter) Daniel told them I really wanted the birthing pool, so they went and started filling it, even though they were saying they weren’t sure they would have enough time to fill the pool as it would take 20-30 minutes and my contractions were so close. I was SO scared, and desperately wanted to get in the pool.

Daniel and the midwife had to continuously stop me from rolling off the bed in the middle of contractions. I coped with the gas and air and finally was told the pool was full and I could make my way to the next room and get in. It was amazing to get in the water. Gas and air is wonderful, but it is totally different when you’re in the water; for me it was anyway. They were still coming quite fast so I didn’t have much time between contractions for a rest, and the ‘pressure’ pains were long outlasting the time I needed gas and air for. Eventually they spaced out a bit, which the midwife warned me meant I was coming to the next stage of labour…PUSHING! So basically when I had said I wanted to use the pool, the midwife asked if I was going to have the injection to get my placenta out, for which I said no – I wanted to deliver it naturally. So she asked me if I would get out of the pool for the delivery as she had never done a water birth before and didn’t know how long my placenta would take to come out on its own.

I agreed but said I might cry because I had before when I was asked to get out to deliver my daughter. Anyway, the midwife and Daniel were talking, and I was going through the contractions, and all of a sudden, one contraction completely changed to ‘pushing pressure’, and I could feel ‘him’ right there. I screamed out ‘He’s there, he’s right there. ‘ Suddenly I had Daniel and my midwife rush round to look at my lower regions whilst saying ‘it’s probably just the waters’ Then I felt a little ‘pop’ so I knew they had gone. I had Daniel and the midwife go ‘Ohh his head’s right there!’ Two other midwives came into the room because my midwife had never done a water birth before, and it turned out my little man had pooed inside me, and there was thick meconium in the water. Anyway, the pushing contractions were STRONG! Within two or three contractions, that never really took a break, my little boy was out!! I didn’t even have to push, my body just did everything, I wouldn’t have been able to stop it if I had wanted to.

The midwife helped me get my little boy on to my chest and rubbed him until he took his first cry. I just bawled my eyes out, it was incredible. Although I will admit, I did panic at first because he was so blue and didn’t take his first breath instantly. Daniel cut the umbilical cord and I handed our little boy to him while the midwives helped me out to deliver the placenta on the bed. I was expecting about an hour’s wait for it, as that’s what I had with my daughter, but after 20 minutes I managed to push it out. It was HUGE! The midwives were shocked! They checked me over, expecting tears as I tore with my daughter, but I had nothing! Not even a graze! We had to stay in the midwife centre overnight as he had to be monitored for 12 hours due to being born in meconium. And then we had a hospital appointment the following morning to just check everything was okay, but they didn’t find any problems. Still can’t believe we have a son and a daughter now! My daughter took so well to her little brother, loads better than I expected. Overjoyed!

*Brother to Robyn and Erin*



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