Lily-Rose – 22.01.2012 – 01:20 = 7lb 7oz (First Baby!)

I found out I was pregnant at the age of 18, it was a shocker because I was on the pill. Stupidly I did not know the consequences of taking the pill and antibiotics at the same time but looking back now? Getting tonsillitis was the best thing that ever happened to me! Of course the biggest fear was telling my mum, even though our relationship was very close I would have hated for her to be disappointed in me.

Surprisingly her support was fantastic!! Throughout my pregnancy from 7 weeks onwards I suffered from sickness EVERY day and it was pretty draining to say the least. When finding out our babies sex it was all very exciting we ended up going for a private sexing scan which was the most beautiful experience of my life! I remember OH pulling his seat right up to the tv where our ultrasound was on and the smile on his face when it was pronounced that we we’re having a GIRL!!!

My bump stayed very petite and people always used to say ‘you don’t look pregnant’ which really quiet annoyed me sometimes! My midwife was forever saying I was to be prepared for a ‘very small baby’ The rest of my pregnancy went quiet quick I was very blessed to have no problems and of course ended up going over on my due date!! I had a sweep in which my midwife said ‘if you don’t go into labour after this you can chop my fingers off’ but that still didn’t work!! 9 days overdue I tried everything I could find to help kick start things as by now I was in tatters with my back and braxtons were becoming uncomfortable.1174764_516296315112575_223385192_n

Then on the evening of 21st January 2012 something happened!! It seemed like a lonnnng day and I was really tired and achey and sicky! I spent the day in bed eating strawberry bonbons and watching sex and the city! Anyway that evening I finally dragged myself out of bed to run a bath and I did a few squats before getting in. Getting out I realised a trickle and thinking nothing of it I continued to get dry. Only it didn’t stop! That’s when I realised IT WAS TIME. Typically my other half was asleep when I ran in to tell him he hardly stirred thinking I was having him on! (throughout my last month I kept joking around saying my waters had gone! Haha) When he realised I wasn’t joking, he went to call my mum in which I shouted wearing a towel turban ‘NO not until I’ve blowdried my hair!’ I knew my mum would have marched me into the maternity ward with a towel on my head haha when finished, mum was with me taking us to the hospital.

My waters were still trickling and I honestly did not expect that much! I thought it would be one big gush and that was it! At the hospital I was checked and they confirmed it was my waters and that I was 3cm (the same as I was from my sweep 5 days ago!) I felt no pain or anything so the midwife said ‘go home, have a warm glass of milk and go to sleep’ Well, soon as I got home I ended up eating a Chinese, I was calm until the sudden urge to go the toilet came upon me. I stopped on my way and I sudden pain began to erupt in my stomach, my contractions were starting. I went to the toilet and then saw a lot of blood, I remembered the midwife warning me if there was blood to call them straight away. So we did and this one they sent an ambulance.

By now my contractions were 2 mins apart, OH was writing them down bless him and to this day he still has that piece of paper in his wallet. The ambulance arrived so quickly, giving me gas and air. The two men were lovely, and even turned on the siren for me haha! They honestly thought I would give birth in the ambulance because of how quickly my contractions were coming. Still on gas and air they whisked me into the maternity ward the midwives shaking their heads as I came back in, I heard one say ‘I told her to go home and rest’ in which I shouted ‘I need to push!’ The midwives weren’t very friendly and I went to reach for my gas and air mask only to find it was not hooked up to the gas.

There wasn’t time to mess about now, I was ready and before I knew it I was pushing! Mum holding one hand and Conor holding the other. I was pushing for 15minutes and then was told to stop as the cord was wrapped around her neck! However she was delivered safely! I was weak and losing a lot of blood, I remember them putting her on my chest and the feeling of love that I had never felt in my whole life before! She was beautiful, precious and mine!

Lily-Rose was weighed at 7Ib 7oz, a lot bigger than I had imagined from the midwife telling me she would be small! She was born at 1.20am on the 22nd of January. I was being stitched longer than I was in labour (my labour lasted around an hour all together from the twoing and froing from hospital to having her) I was being stitched for at least 4 hours as I had tears in several places and the midwife had problems stitching me up, had to keep redoing them and then in the end got the doctor in to redo them again.

Personally the stitches were the worst experience to me, then again no one wants needle after needle down there! But every second was worth it and being a mum is one of the best things in the world! At around 6.30am, I was allowed back on the ward, my mum went home with Conor to get rest and I just remember as soon as they left putting her back onto my chest and watching it get lighter as the new day came in. It was a beautiful moment for me And one I will never forget. Lily-Rose is now 18months, talking away, walking about and even counting to two! My clever little girl is growing up so fast and I cherish every single second of it



2 thoughts on “Lily-Rose – 22.01.2012 – 01:20 = 7lb 7oz (First Baby!)

  1. Chelsea August 29, 2013 / 8:36 pm

    This story makes me realise how much a woman and her family go through with pregnancy and I believe you are a very strong woman and a great mother too

    • dummysuckermama August 29, 2013 / 8:38 pm

      Thanks for commenting. This story was a friend of mine, she has done so well!!

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