Jessica – 21.05.2012 – 10:47 – 8lb 15.5oz (First Baby!)

On Sunday the 20th of May 2013, My labour started with a whoosh of waters, 3 days before my due date. It was 9:30pm, me and my other half had just sat down to watch a new episode of family guy.

I was so sure that I’d be at least a week overdue, that I started the usual eviction process earlier that week. Pineapple, walking, spicy food etc. So far not one Braxton hicks, no pains in my back, nothing. Baby also wasn’t engaged so I assumed it would be a long wait. Anyway, i’d just finished eating cheese on toast drenched in Nandos hot sauce. My mouth was burning so I stood up to go get a drink, and whoosh! My waters went everywhere. It worked!

I called the hospital straight away and was told to call back in a few hours to let them know how I was getting on. Mum came round to pick us up and we stayed at her house just in case (she was my second birthing partner). I called the hospital back at 11:30pm, still no aches or pains. They asked me to come in anyway, so we headed in to the hospital (about half an hour away).

We arrived there and I was hooked up to a monitor to check everything was okay. They didn’t check me out though, no internals, no idea if I was dilated. They gave me some pain killers in case I needed them, and told me it could still be a few days. if nothing started, come back to be induced on Tuesday morning. I was sent home. Little did I know I’d be back in a few hours!

We arrived home at 2:30am and almost immediately I had a contraction. We all headed to bed to try and get a few hours sleep., but I got straight back out again. My contractions started and straight away were a few minutes apart and lasting 30-40 seconds each. I stayed down stairs on my own, not wanting to wake anyone with a false alarm. I was doubled over and in tears with the pains, and at 5am I gave in and called the hospital. The patronising midwife told me “you’re still in early labour, but if you can’t cope just come in”. Cow.

I woke mum and Scott feeling guilty that we would be sent home again. We headed to the hospital, me in the back of the car struggling to cope with the contractions as they were so close together. When we arrived at the hospital, we were given a room to wait in, and the midwife disappeared for 15 minutes. When she finally came back to check me, she gave me gas & air (which I feel done nothing but confuse my breathing!). I was checked, and shocked to find I was already 7cm dilated! We were taken straight to a delivery suite.

The next few hours are a bit of a blur. I know we were taken to the delivery suite around 7:30am, as the midwives were just swapping shifts. I remember them being surprised by how little relief I was getting in between contractions. They asked to check me after one, and attempted it but had to stop as the next came on so quickly. I really don’t remember much over the next few hours, apart from complaining about the gas & air being shit! My waters constantly gushed while I was labouring, I remember them having to change the bed constantly, and I remember saying “I feel like I keep peeing myself” haha. I spent most of my contractions kneeling, resting over the back of the bed. I got to a point where I didn’t think I could handle any more pain, and asked about pain relief. I knew I wanted to avoid an epidural, but for a short time I seriously considered it. I eventually decided to have diamorphine, and they gave me an injection. (Mum doesn’t remember me having this, and I can’t remember what time , but as far as i know, baby arrived not long after with no time for the relief to kick in! )

The midwife asked if I felt the urge to push, she asked a few times, and I honestly didn’t. She asked me to try and that’s when she realised baby was back to back! She said this is what would have made my contractions so intense! I then lay on my side and baby basically flipped round straight away! I’m not entirely sure how long I pushed for, but it wasn’t long. I remember the ring of fire too well! But luckily I had no tearing. I did have very slight grazing, No stitches required!

My beautiful (surprise!) baby girl Jessica was born at 10:47am on Monday 21st May 2012, weighing 8lbs 15.5oz 8 hours after my first contraction.

Apart from baby being back to back, it was a perfect labour. If I ever get to do it all again, I’d hope for the exact same again!


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